Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

>>And Nikki caught her right in the face.>>I watched Sasha Banks’
new WWE Chronicle, seems like she’s got to set a whole
new set of goals for herself. She’s already achieved so much of what
she wanted to achieve as a small girl. Now it’s time to reset,
that’s exactly what Banks is doing now.>>Once again, now, that is her
>>Alexa’s hurt, she can barely stand. And Bayley, again, taking advantage of the injured knee
outside the ring right into the steps. Again, a little look inside
the viciousness now of Bayley and Sasha Banks and
what this team is capable of. You can ask anybody who’s
ever been a champion in WWE. Getting to the title is completely
different from retaining the title.>>Corey, a month ago,
we would not have seen this out of Bayley.>>One, two.>>The boss almost got beat.>>Aah!
[NOISE]>>And Sasha, there’s the Backstabber, and there’s the Bank Statement!>>The Bank Statement locked in! Nikki Cross, try to hang on,
try to hang on! No choice but to tap out. [SOUND]
[MUSIC]>>Here are your winners by submission, the team of the SmackDown Women’s
Champions, Bayley and Sasha Banks! [MUSIC] And here comes the mad chair in hand. [MUSIC]>>Deja vu, last night all over again.>>Back up, Banks.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Becky takes advantage!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s a disappointing disaster on multiple occasions, but uh-oh! Well, Becky’s not gonna
back out from the fight.>>She might have company.>>She’s got backup because here
comes the queen, Charlotte Flair. Going right after Bayley.>>Still feels unlikely, almost surreal. Charlotte Flair coming to
the aid of Becky Lynch.>>Sasha Banks better turn around.>>You can see her heart breaking
in the middle of the ring.>>Grit your teeth, Banks. [NOISE] And Becky is going to make Banks pay. [APPLAUSE]
>>Sasha Banks crawling away, as Sasha and Bayley look to regroup. [MUSIC]

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