Alexa Bliss’ emotional surprise reunion in Germany

Good, how are you?>>I’m good.>>[LAUGH]
>>That was incredible!>>Yeah!
[LAUGH]>>I can’t believe you’re here. I know, I know.>>Sorry, don’t mind the cameras. [LAUGH]
>>How have you been? You look gorgeous.>>No, you look gorgeous.>>Thank you. My gosh.
>>I haven’t seen you in 16 years.>>I know. I need to Facetime my mom, hold on.>>[LAUGH]
>>So, it has been 16 years
since I’ve seen Jenny.>>Yes.
>>And she came and stayed with me on an exchange
program 16 years ago when I was 12. And we haven’t seen each other since and
we just both happened to be in Munich.>>Yeah.>>And she swung by on the way
to the airport and it’s so cool.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>Good to see you, I missed you.>>I missed you. This is crazy, like, life is crazy.>>Yes,
sometimes you have to be spontaneous.>>Yes.
[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Hello?>>Hello Do you see me?>>Yeah.
>>Look who I’m with, it’s Jenny! [LAUGH]
>>Sorry she’s->>How are you?>>Good how are you?>>How come I can’t see you?>>[LAUGH]
>>She came to WWE to see me.>>Aww!>>Yeah I can’t believe it.>>I know.>>Me neither. I just saw her posting
a picture in Munich and I’m here spontaneously in Munich too for
a reason. So I thought I have to
run here to see her.>>That’s so cool.>>[LAUGH]
>>I know, took me what 15 years?>>16 years. [LAUGH] Wow.>>[LAUGH]
>>How crazy.>>[LAUGH] So how are you?>>Are you married? Do you have kids?>>No I’m engaged,
I’m getting married next year.>>Congratulations.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you so much. It’s good to see you, both of you.>>Can’t really see her.>>[INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] That’s so long ago.>>I know.>>Yeah.
>>I never traveled back.>>Why not?>>I don’t know. There was I don’t know.>>Travel back.>>Yeah I have to.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>[LAUGH]>>I’m gonna catch up with her for a second and then I’ll call you back. Okay, love you!>>Love you!>>[LAUGH]
>>Ciao!>>Bye, it was great seeing you!>>Good seeing you too, bye bye.>>Bye!
>>[LAUGH]>>I can’t believe you’re here! My gosh.>>Yeah I know! Yeah because [INAUDIBLE] I don’t have
to travel to the airport so that’s why I was just [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK]
>>My gosh, I can’t believe you’re here!>>I can’t either.

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