Aj Styles Injured At WWE Royal Rumble

Aj Styles Injured At WWE Royal Rumble

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News Aj
Styles Injured At WWE Royal Rumble Styles
entered the Rumble Match at #18 but was the
#17 elimination by WWE Hall of Famer Edge
The injury reportedly happened right before
that elimination Styles suffered the arm injury
after landing awkwardly on his left shoulder
following the Spear from Edge Styles came
back up from the Spear holding his left arm
and it appeared to be dangling A referee stepped
up onto the apron to communicate with Edge
and Styles was tossed out right after that
communication Styles was then tended to by
WWE officials and medics at ringside right
after his elimination AJ was then seen in
the backstage area after the match with his
arm wrapped up and ice on it Word is that
Styles will be undergoing tests to determine
the severity of the injury and how much time
he will need to take off if any Friends what
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