AEW DESTROYS WWE In Ratings War! Steve Austin In-Ring RETURN?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

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In among all of that plugging, you may have
missed that Hell in a Cell is this Sunday.
And it seems that WWE have also forgotten
that. With all the hype and promoting the
season premiere of Raw, the first NXT show
going head-to-head with AEW, Smackdown’s
debut on Fox, and now Crown Jewel in Saudi
Arabia which will be at the end of October,
Hell in a Cell has fallen by the wayside in
terms of promotion. Despite having the big
time main event of The Fiend challenging Seth
Rollins for the Universal Championship, the
show had virtually no promotion on this past
Raw, and at the time of this recording there
are only two other matches announced – Becky
Lynch vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s
Championship, and Daniel Bryan teaming with
Roman Reigns to take on Luke Harper and Erick
One match we can likely guess will be added
tonight on Smackdown is Bayley defending her
Women’s title in a Clash of Champions rematch
against Charlotte Flair. But if Bayley gets
her way, she has someone else in mind.
With WWE not booking her in Hell in a Cell
matches, Bayley instead took to Twitter to
challenge NXT’s Candice LaRea, who was unsuccessful
in capturing the NXT Women’s Championship
from Shayna Baszler. No Bayley, you will face
Charlotte Flair again and you will like it.
And it’s not just Bayley using social media
to try and get herself booked in matches,
with Randy Orton taking to Twitter to call
out The Rock of all people.
Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson will return
to WWE tonight for the debut episode of Friday
Night Smackdown, where he will likely contribute
to the huge rating that some industry experts
think could be as high as 4.5 million viewers.
But Orton has bigger plans, posting to The
Rock: “I see you will be at #SmackdownOnFox
this Friday. How about you & I have a discussion
about who’s the greatest 3rd generation
of all time and we answer that question April
5th in Tampa At Wrestlemania 36. A vipers
sense of smell is unmatched. I smell what
you’re cooking.”
A match between Orton and Rock seems unlikely,
due to the various movie projects The Rock
has on his plate. The last time Rock had a
proper match at WrestleMania – that Erick
Rowan one doesn’t count – he picked up an
injury that delayed the production of his
forgettable Hercules movie, which cost Paramount
millions of dollars.
But you never say never in wrestling, and
that could also be true of two other huge
Attitude Era stars making their in-ring returns.
One of the biggest surprises coming out of
Summerslam was an angle between Elias and
former World Heavyweight Champion Edge, where
the Rated R Soooperstar gave The Drifter a
spear – the first bit of in-ring action Edge
has done since his retirement in 2011.
This led to a lot of speculation among fans
that Edge could be gearing up for an in-ring
return, especially with the Saudi Arabia shows
centering themselves around nostalgia-based
matches and offering big money in order to
get them. This speculation was furthered recently
when Edge announced he was stepping down as
a host on E&C’s Pod of Awesoness. It’s
since been reported that Edge has signed a
new deal with WWE, a deal which is said to
be very good because he negotiated with both
WWE and AEW, playing both sides off against
each other until he got a “significant offer”
by Vince McMahon – which has only furthered
the speculation of more wrestling in Edge’s
near future.
And Dave Meltzer has now written in the latest
Wrestling Observer Newsletter that while creative
have not been told he could be cleared, “the
idea of him wrestling again has definitely
been talked about very privately.” Edge
himself has said that he would wrestle again
if he could, saying on an episode his podcast
following the Summerslam angle, “I think
I could do a match tomorrow. And I might be
blown up, but I’d be okay. It’s just from
what I know with the WWE medical staff, they
won’t allow it.”
And he’s not the only name from the past
who has been talked about for a possible in-ring
return, with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s name
making headlines recently with rumours of
him having one more match. This rumour was
started when Podcast One released a press
statement teasing a possible wrestling return
of the Rattlesnake, quoting an episode of
his podcast where Austin said he could have
one more match, “in theory”.
Austin has been back on WWE TV quite a bit
this year – seemingly more than it’s Universal
Champion at one point – and he mentioned that
he is always asked backstage if he’d do
one more match. Dave Meltzer – who has a great
friendship with Austin – has reported that
Stone Cold is not currently booked for the
Crown Jewel show at the end of the month,
and that likely isn’t going to change.
Since his quiet retirement in 2003, Austin
has had a lot of big money offers from WWE
to do one more match, which he has always
turned down. However those big money offers
will be nothing compared to the price he’d
be offered to work a Saudi Arabia show. Goldberg
reportedly made $2 million for his disastrous
match with The Undertaker at Super Show Down,
and Austin would in theory make that sort
of money, if not more.
Which brings us to everyone’s favourite
segment of the WrestleTalk News – so get your
“clickbait” comments at the ready – it’s
time for us all to say, CM Punk WWE return
Over the last few months, Dave Meltzer has
reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
that CM Punk has been in talks with Fox to
be a host on the WWE Backstage show, which
was announced recently to be hosted by Renee
Young and Booker T. This was all amidst the
talk that Punk had also had talks with All
Elite Wrestling about appearing for them – talks
with both parties have confirmed.
And while many were quick to say that Meltzer
was clickbaiting folks with his Punk Fox reports,
the man himself has confirmed that he did
have an audition for the show. He told Collider
Live that he met with Fox and had a tryout
for WWE Backstage, adding that that if he
took the job he would be working for Fox and
not WWE.
Punk added that he’s not had an offer from
Fox as of yet, but Cage Side Seats are reporting
that he has been offered a deal to be a host
the show.
CM Punk WWE return confirmed… via Fox.
Which certainly ties into AEW’s Nick Jackson’s
comments this past week, when he told the
New York Post that the “ship has sailed”
on CM Punk joining All Elite Wrestling.
CM Punk not to AEW confirmed… unless it’s
all a work.
Which means it’s now time to jump into the
ratings war between WWE, and AEW.The Wednesday
Night War officially kicked off this week,
with NXT moving full-time and live to USA
Network, and All Elite Wrestling having its
debut of Dynamite on TNT. NXT pulled out all
the stops to win the first crucial week, having
three title matches, a Finn Balor return,
and the return of former NXT Champion Tommaso
Ciampa, while AEW set out its stall by crowning
the first AEW Women’s Champion, and ended
the show debuting their new heel stable of
Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevarra, Santana, Ortiz
and the debuting Jake Hager.
Before the ratings were released, it was reported
the morning after the shows that AEW was way
ahead of NXT in terms of Google searches and
Twitter trends, and the PlayStation VUE numbers
for All Elite Wrestling were three times that
of NXT.
And it seemed that translated to the ratings,
with AEW pulling in 1.4 million viewers, compared
to NXT’s 891,000 viewers – which is a drop
from their previous two weeks ratings where
they drew over 1 million. Very importantly
– in terms of advertisers and networks themselves
– AEW also won the key 18-49 demographic,
losing out to only Major League Baseball.
What’s interesting about this is that 18-49
demo was not all just the NXT audience switching
over, as their number this week was virtually
identical to the one they had last week, which
means this is a new audience of wrestling
fans. It’s also not lapsed fans from the
era of the Monday Night War, as some people
figured they would be, as the NXT beat AEW
in the over 50 category.
Although unconfirmed at the time of this recording,
its believed that the Dynamite replay – which
aired directly after the initial airing – did
another 650,000 viewers, so the total AEW
audience for the debut episode of Dynamite
was not too far behind a typical episode of
Raw, and pretty much on par with what Smackdown
Live was doing on USA Network.
Comparing AEW’s numbers and demos to this
past Monday’s Raw – which drew their best
rating in months thanks solely to Hulk Hogan
and Ric Flair who had the most-watched segment
on the show – no really, they drew an extra
half a million viewers who all tuned out as
soon as the segment ended – All Elite Wrestling
did better than Raw in drawing viewers under
the age 34. The show also had more women watching,
beating Raw by 13.5% and NXT by nearly 50%.
Of course, this is just a first week number.
But as several industry experts have noted,
if this is a new audience – which numbers
would certainly suggest it is – this isn’t
a flash in the pan victory over NXT.
WWE released a press statement before the
ratings officially came out saying, “Congratulations
to AEW on a successful premiere. The real
winners of last night’s head-to-head telecasts
of NXT on USA Network and AEW on TNT are the
fans, who can expect Wednesday nights to be
a competitive and wild ride as this is a marathon,
not a one-night sprint.”
AEW Champion Chris Jericho responded to this
an interview with Complex saying, “Everything
that [WWE have] done has been reactionary
to us. We’re not in a war with anybody besides
ourselves. All that matters is our show. They
kinda started this war, and the very first
night they got destroyed. Big deal, it’s our
first debut, but they have to come back and
say ‘it’s a marathon and not a one-night sprint.’
Who’s ever said it’s a one-night sprint? It’s
not a war for us. Now, we’re placed in one,
and we’re gonna kick ass.” A lot of contradictory
comments in that statement there Chris, is
it a war or not?
John Pollock on Twitter has also reported
that AEW Dynamite on TSN in Canada drew around
109,000 viewers – a number that is said to
be very good considering AEW didn’t even
announce a Canadian deal until the day of
the show, which meant it had literally no
promotion. As a comparison, Raw with Hogan
and Flair did 227,000 viewers.
Cody posted on Twitter to thank the fans,
saying their fandom is real.
What does this mean NXT? Well, as this is
only week one it will be far too early to
tell, but reports before the Wednesday Night
War kicked off was that Vince McMahon would
be hands off on NXT until it started losing
handedly to AEW – and it lost handedly to
AEW this week. On that note, Dave Meltzer
notes in the Observer that 71 minutes into
the NXT broadcast, he got a text from someone
backstage saying, “We’ve got to get out
of this building”.
You can watch mine and Oli’s full review
of AEW Dynamite by clicking the video on screen
right now. And if it tickles your funny bone
fancy, Oli and I also reviewed the new Joker
movie over on ScreenStalker which is also
on screen right now. I’ve been Luke Owen,
and that was wrestling.

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