Actual Reason Why Bobby Lashley and Lana Are NOW TOGETHER! Rusev’s New Partner? | WWE

Actual Reason Why Bobby Lashley and Lana Are NOW TOGETHER! Rusev’s New Partner? | WWE

Why Lana and Bobby lashley are now together
Only a few weeks after Rusev’s return, we
have already seen his wife Lana make a big
return as well
Lana was last scene back in April of 2019
and was away since wwe had no plans for her
Bobby lashley was also on a hiatus for several
So wwe figured it’ll be the perfect time
for both of them to return on screen
When Rusev returned a few weeks ago, it was
reported that wwe has bigger plans for Lana
so that’s why she didn’t return with him
And we now clearly see what those plans were
When Rusev returned after Maria brought him
many assumed that Rusev was the one cheating
on Lana with Maria
But Maria did confirm on raw that Rusev wasn’t
the father so that cleared up his name
And it looks like Rusev is already back as
a face as well
With Lana and lashley being the heels in this
Pairing Lana and lashley does make sense because
putting them together generates a strong reaction
from the crowd
If lashley or Lana would’ve came out solo,
the reaction definitely wouldn’t have been
as strong as it was for that kiss
So if you’re wondering if this is the end
for Rusev and Lana’s relationship outside
of the ring then no it is not
Rusev and Lana are still very much together,
this is just a storyline for television
Wwe tried doing this break up story with them
before but it was ruined by their social media
when they were still posting pics together
while the storyline was going on
So hopefully they don’t post any pictures
together on social media to sell the storyline
even more this time around
So we can expect Rusev to be going after Bobby
lashley and his “ex” Lana in the near
What are your predictions on this storyline?
Do you think Rusev will get a new woman on
his side and this could lead to a mixed tag

5 thoughts on “Actual Reason Why Bobby Lashley and Lana Are NOW TOGETHER! Rusev’s New Partner? | WWE”

  1. What are your thoughts on how WWE brought back Lana and Bobby Lashley and what are your predictions on where this could be going? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. First of all everything is fake second they should stop playing this drama only to sell few things around I've been watching wrestling for a while and to be honest AEW is better since wwe remained without good ideas about making a good show there are many good wrestlers who left or who stay in the shadow only because WWE what's only few of them to be on top better make things right before it's to late and this story with Rusev and Lana again a big mistake they are a couple in real life so it's obviously they will post pics together this is all messed up seriously wake up guys wwe went really down

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