9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS

9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS

CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like learning new things
because it makes me happy and I wonder, ‘Wow!
How would it look?’ And that’s what I
like about Taekwondo.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I am Channah Zeitung, I am
nine years old, a four-time world champion
and a second-degree black belt.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I like doing my weapon form
because it’s very fun and it gets me in
the motion, in the feeling.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: There’s lots of different
weapons. I can mostly do every weapon; just
I have to do it correctly.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: So Bo Staff is basically
a weapon that you cannot strike someone away.
I started when I was two and I started competing
when I was like, three or four.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: And now I am where I am and
I got my world title.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: My favourite thing is performing.
Mostly I look up to Jackie Chan and Bruce
Lee, everyone talks about them now and I want
to be just like them. I want to be the person
that they are talking about me, that’s amazing.
GLORIA ZEITUNG: She just is a normal kid.
But when you get to her taekwondo, she acts
like a forty-year-old woman. She does. She
is very business like.
PATRICIA CHURCH: I have been training Channah
for approximately four years. I have never
treated her like a child. She started with
me at two years of age. Her mom left her crying
and ran out of the studio. And I looked at
her and I said, ‘Okay! We are going to do this together.’
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: Ms Church, she pushes me
but I still love her. Because I know she is
helping me get to the best ability that I am.
PATRICIA CHURCH: She has a tremendous work
ethic, that’s amazing for someone of her age.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: So how many hours and
how many times I practice a day? Well, I would
probably practice a lot, about ten hours a
week, twelve.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: Here is the true thing about
Taekwondo is about confidence. You have to
be respectful and you have to be confident
and you have to believe in yourself or else
you are not going to get where you want to
be in your life. And that’s what I have
been doing, to get to the level I am.
JOSE AGUILAR: I have been training her for
about seven, eight years. She has honestly
been one of my proudest students that I have
ever had the honour of training.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: Mr Aguilar kept pushing me
to the limit where I got stronger and stronger.
JOSE AGUILAR: For a nine-year-old to be able
to do what she is able to do with her Bo Staff,
it’s unreal. For her to be able to keep
up with someone like myself, picking up the
speed, learning new tricks. She just does
not give up.
PATRICIA CHURCH: You can have your worst day
but you walk into that ring and suddenly you
step-up to that challenge and you can blow
that completely out of the water.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I really want to win but
you have to try hard to do it. I have to push myself.
GLORIA ZEITUNG: I think Channah is going to
utilise her talent and her drive that she’s
gained from her training towards anything
she wants. She loves performing. She likes
the wow-ing factor. She also really loves
PATRICIA CHURCH: I always say this; my heart
can take me places that my body cannot and
I think that’s a large part of Channah.
There is a lot of heart because she has a
lot of love for what she does.
JOSE AGUILAR: Basically, working with Channah
has taught me if there I something in life
that you really want to achieve, anything
is possible.
CHANNAH ZEITUNG: I have never gone higher
actually because Taekwondo has been my thing
since I have been three or two because I love
my sport. My dream would be is how you say
an action actor. I want to be an actor that
does Taekwondo. I want to be that person that
makes the world happy. Some kids are very
shy, not confident in themselves, don’t
believe in themselves – Taekwondo makes
you feel strong. It makes you feel good when
you perform, it makes you feel confident and
believe in yourself. When I perform, I am
so excited, not nervous, you know, that makes
me feel really happy.

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  1. Good for her for her to be a black belt at her age she has been working since she was able to walk and training since probably 3 years old. It is very much dedication and a lot of work but it can be done. But just to let you know what she was taught was not ninjitsu so she is not a ninja. There's only one ninja left in the world and he lives in Japan and he is 89 years old.

  2. hi channah,i do karate but i do kyokushin karate, i am 11 years old and i am green belt i started karate at 9 years old.

  3. Don't get this stuff confused with real fighting, this stuff is just for show and performance, does not work against any trained fighter

  4. For y'all uncultuted twats,
    A belt is rewarded in regards to one's skill and NOT age.
    She's better than you and deal with it

  5. As an ATA member I can say she is too young for the Legacy uniform she is wearing. She can be a candidate but to be in the Legacy (or instructor training program) you must be 13 or older.

  6. False sense of security! This girl needs to be doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instead!!! None of the skills she has acquired would be useful in real street fights and real assaults! Very sad to see how many people are still stuck in false and impractical training methods! Take Bjj, boxing, Muay Thai or even wrestling!

  7. Taekwondo competitions are way better than UFC fights. I only competed at the ones in Dallas and lost to a blackbelt when I was a orange belt cause there was no one from my belt rank to compete with me. Ide rather fight a tenth degree black belt than with a low life trashy girl who thinks she can fight. I just tell them I only fight professionals.

  8. It's highly beneficial to have one-on-one coaching… as. most dojos have group classes… and being coached by one belt color higher!

  9. A belt system is a commercialization of the martial arts… it doesn't have much meaning! Bruce Lee never wore a belt!

  10. Forget all the haters haters hate just keep doing you great job on the second degree black belt hope your dreams come true the people saying you didn’t earn it didn’t go through what you did keep it up well back to training for me 2 =)

  11. I think if that girl got in a fight with a 14 years old guy, the guy would probably win coz, that little girl can't be that strong, but if she keeps doing it until she being like 17-18 years then it van be used to something

  12. Dmn all those kicks to the head 👀🙄😳😮😣🤐🤕😁👍, 4 times world champion😲. I still have problems using my 🍴 with dinner. Little sensei, true dedication/passion, but most of all a special a gift to be that good on that age. I'm not jealous, but impressed how well she performs. Stay true to yourself and family young girl, then nothing can stop you.

  13. 4:50 the student has now become the master 😂the scene reminded me of Kung Fu Panda when po was being taught my master shifu

  14. Every time I see kids involved in any sort of Martial Arts makes my heart joyful. I wish parents realize what a great investment this is. I'm talking about a healthy environment, build self-esteem, make good friends and definitely, absolutely NO suffering with bullying at school/college/life. ✨ Absolutely amazing! 🍃🙏🏼🍃

  15. I love her work ethics. She has tremendous work ethics. That is the main purpose of martial arts. Discipline, respect, humility, etc. She is a great role model for kids her age.

  16. She already shows great potential for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Krav Maga, real Ninjutsu, and of course for Taekwondo’s sibling or cousin martial arts like Hapkido, Hwarangdo, etc.

  17. どの辺が忍者なのか💧 こんな堂々とした忍びの者は最早別物💧 世界中が誤解してるような…😞

  18. nothing against the kid,


    this is a McDojo.

    Her talent and potential is better spent at a legit BJJ school where they teach self-defense gracie Jiu jitsu/bjj.

  19. I do karate at zenshin karate do and i have done it for seven years inm brown belt and i really enjoy it

  20. Is this Chang moo Quan Tae Kwon do? Never seen Chang moo Quan use any weapons just hands and legs mostly leg useless this is not military style

  21. Try brazilain jiu jitsu its way more effective on real fights against bigger people a tkd black belt not gonna knock out a tall kid or bigger kid and there no yelling in it its takedowns it also makes more sense cause you cant get black belt at 9 yrs old its a challenge because people may not do it because they want there black belt faster because there greed or a show off how do you think Nate ended connor McGregor

  22. this girls sucks. i've been training in moo do kwan for 4 and a half years. i haven't recevied my black belt and this girl is wearing the color like it's nothing. she brags about her skill and but does not have any correct form in basic movements. she has amazing skill with weapons, but focuses to much on crowd-pleasing than her basics. she would do better in gymnastics tbh.

  23. I find it unlikely she is a second-degree black belt. You must be over 15 to recieve a dan. In order to get a degree, you must be 16.

  24. horrible! It is impossible a 9 year old boy to be a black belt, he does not have the mental maturity that is the main thing in real martial arts, not as "ATA" which is a black belt factory … HORRIBLE

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