7 WWE Valets (WWE Managers) Who Outshined Their Wrestlers

Today we present you with 7 WWE
Valets who outshined their wrestlers
7: Trish Stratus
When Trish Stratus joined the WWF in
early 2000, the Canadian fitness model
was paired with Test and Albert.
Ironically named T&A before Impact
Wrestling even existed,
the name was a not-so-PG reference
to a woman’s body, as the focus
was clearly on Stratus.
Though Test and Albert had both been in
the company for a while, neither had
done much as singles stars
so adding some spice to their tag team
in the form of Stratus made
perfect sense.
The only problem was that Stratus’
natural heel charisma and raw sex
appeal made her the focus of the group,
whilst Test and Albert themselves
became an afterthought.

To be fair to Stratus, it wasn’t her
fault that fans were more
interested in her than her clients,
as T&A had very little chemistry
together, and the group became
just another lumbering big man team.
Simply put, T&A was doomed from
the start, and probably would
have split even faster
After splitting, Stratus would go on
to become arguably the biggest
female star in wrestling history,
winning seven Women’s
Championships before retiring this year.
As for Test and Albert, though both
men would receive sporadic
pushes over the years,
neither was elevated past the
mid-card for the remained of
their careers.
6: Sunny
The original Diva, it’s hard to think
of any valet who outshined their clients
The team of Skip and Zip, the
Bodydonnas were a pair of
heel fitness fanatics
who would use aerobics to taunt
opponents, and despite their incredibly
lame gimmick, were very successful,
thanks in part to their manager Sunny.
With Sunny by their side, the team
captured the WWF Tag Team
Championships at WrestleMania 12,
though despite this big win, it was
clear who was the real star of the team.
Sunny’s natural bubbly personality and
clear knowledge for what worked
shined through on screen,
and the fact that she was incredibly
stunning didn’t hurt either.
At the height of her popularity, AOL
claimed that Sunny was the most
downloaded celeb online in 1996.
As her spotlight grew though, less
fans showed interest in Skip and Zip,
who would quickly be seen as
Sunny’s sidekicks, instead of
the other way around.
As the company’s original Diva, Sunny
would become one of the company’s
most popular acts,
and was inducted into the Hall
of Fame in 2011.
By comparison, the Bodydonnas have
been all but forgotten by the
majority of wrestling fans,
and though Skip, Sunny’s real life
boyfriend at the time would have
success in ECW as Chris Candido,
in the WWE, it was Sunny who
stole the show.
Though she may be best remembered
as a part of Team Extreme with the
Hardy Boyz,
Lita first got her big break in the World
Wrestling Federation as the valet of
Essa Rios.
With her red hair and tattoos, Lita was
unlike any other woman on the roster
at the time, as she
promoted an alternative lifestyle that
many Attitude Era fans were
following themselves.
Not just that, Lita was also an incredible
athlete, and borrowed many moves
from Rios’ move-set,
including hurricanranas and moonsaults,
moves that had never been seen by
women in the WWF.
Before long, it was clear that Lita was
significantly more popular than the man
she accompanied to the ring, and the
decision was made to split the
pairing up.
This split came on the May 25th 2000
edition, when the former Light
Heavyweight Champion
turned on Lita, power bombing the
future Hall of Famer after he lost
a match.
Being rescued by Matt and Jeff
Hardy, Lita would become a
member of Team Extreme,
whilst Rios’ star would never rise
any higher in the company before

his release from the company the
following year.
With Matt and Jeff, Lita would
become one of the most beloved
female wrestlers of all time
holding the Women’s title on four
occasions, and was inducted
into the Hall of Fame in 2014.
4: Kelly Kelly
When ECW was relaunched in 2006
as part of WWE, the third brand
needed new stars,
and though Mike Knox could have
been that star, he was quickly
eclipsed by Kelly Kelly.
Working together on the extreme
show, Knox would play the
jealous boyfriend character
who forced the exhibitionist Kelly
to keep her clothes on, much to
the anger of the fans.
Whilst this did get the 6 foot 6
monster some heat in the short
term, and did allow him a brief
feud with CM Punk, it soon
became clear that fans didn’t
care at all what Knox did,
as long as it meant they got to
see the blonde valet.
Clearly the lesson here is that if
you have a character who is
basically a stripper, Knox
needed to have a strong character
or personality of his own, in order
to avoid being overshadowed.
Sadly for Knox, he didn’t have
either trait and though after
splitting with Kelly in December
that same year, would do little in
the company before his
release in 2010.
As the final nail in his WWE coffin
though, Kelly would later capture
the Divas title in 2011
and recently became the first ever
female 24/7 Champion earlier this
as she is now in the record books
as a title holder in WWE, something
Knox failed to accomplish.
3: Debra
Though Jeff Jarrett would become
a four time WCW World Champion
and a six time
NWA Heavyweight Champion in
TNA, he never had quite the same
success in the World Wrestling
In the company, Jarrett was
relegated to the mid-card and tag
team position, and though he
would become a six time
Intercontinental Champion before
his controversial departure in
1999, was often outshined by his
manager Debra.
As part of her managerial role,
Debra would often take off
clothes to distract Jarrett’s
opponents, much to the delight
of the Attitude Era fans.
As Debra’s strip teases continued,
fans would become far more
interested in her, than what
Double J was doing in the ring,
much to the chagrin of the self-
proclaimed Chosen One.
Turning heel, Jarrett would become
a misogynist, repeatedly demeaning
Debra and all women,
as part of his feud over the
Intercontinental Championship
with the Ninth Wonder of the World
On the September 27, 1999 edition
of RAW, Debra and Chyna would
team up, with the valet getting a

victory over Jarrett and referee
Tom Prichard in a symbolic victory
that showed who the real
star of the pairing was.
Leaving the company a month later,
Jarrett wouldn’t be seen again in
WWE for nearly 20 years,
and though he is now a Hall of Famer,
played second fiddle for years to
his Valet Debra.
2: Melina
When MNM debuted on SmackDown
in 2005, the trio of Mercury,
Nitro and valet Melina made an
immediate impact.
Winning the WWE Tag Team titles
on their first night, Joey Mercury
and Johnny Nitro made a fine
team, though it was often
Melina who got the attention.
As a trio of wannabe Hollywood
celebs, MNM would often be
followed by paparazzi
though whenever Melina
entered the ring, all eyes
were on her.
Entering with an impressive leg
split, Melina’s sex appeal would
ultimately become the most
memorable part of the act, and
though the Mercury and Nitro
did receive some attention thanks
to being associated with her,

it paled in comparison to the Diva
In a rare instance, things worked
out for all three after the group
as Mercury would transition to a
backstage role, and would later
re-emerge as part of J&J Security.
Melina would later become a
wrestler in her own right,
becoming a five-time champion
and the first woman ever to have
multiple reigns as Women’s and
Divas Champion.
As for Nitro, he would have success
as John Morrison both in and out of
WWE proving that
being over-shadowed often isn’t
necessarily the end of the world
or even your wrestling career
1: Sable
When the WWF signed WCW’s Marc
Mero in 1996, they were
disappointed to discover that they
couldn’t use his Johnny B Badd
character, but found a silver lining
in the form of Sable.
The real-life wife of Mero, the
company quickly signed them both
to a contract, and the future
Women’s Champion would make
her debut at WrestleMania 12,
accompanying Triple H.
Being yelled at by the Game after
his loss to the Ultimate Warrior,
Sable would be saved by debuting
Wildman Mero, and the pair
would become a team on-screen,
though it was instantly clear that
she was the bigger star.
To be fair to Sable, it wasn’t like
she was trying to steal the
as she certainly didn’t wow fans
with her acting or mic skills.
Sable’s biggest asset was her
looks, as she was a very
beautiful woman in WWE
at a time when there weren’t
many at all, and would become

one of the biggest stars of the
Attitude Era.
Sable’s movie-star good looks
would ultimately see the
jealous Mero mistreat and turn

heel on her, and the pair
engaged in a feud that would

see Sable almost always come
out the winner.
Unlike many male Superstars
on this list though, Mero was
a solid hand in the ring
and unlike Sable, had oodles
of charisma.
It would have been interesting
to see how his WWE career
would have gone,
had he not been held down in
storylines that focussed on
his wife.
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