5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are In Non-Wrestling VIDEO GAMES

In the ring, Samoa Joe is an intimidating
and dangerous opponent but outside of all
that, he is a massive fan of video games.
He has made frequent appearances on Xavier
Woods’ YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown
expressing his love for video games. But,
some of you might be surprised to learn that
he has actually voiced a few characters in
video games. One of them being a brash and
aggressive fighter known as “The Beast”
… we’re not talking about Brock Lesnar…
in Telltale’s episodic adventure game, “Game
of Thrones”. That’s not the only voice
acting work he has done as Samoa Joe also
provided the voice for the “Juggernaut”
in DOTA 2’s Call of the Bladeform Legacy
The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trail-blazing,
eyebrow raising, electrifying People’s Champ,
The Rock, has featured in two non-wrestling
video games. The first one being “The Scorpion
King: Rise of the Akkadian” and the second
one being, “SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run. “The
Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian” was
released in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube
and Playstation 2 and served as a prequel
to the film, “The Scorpion King”, which
was The Rock’s first leading role
in a movie. Let’s just say the game was
as bad as The Scorpion King’s CGI in “The
Mummy Returns”. The 2006 action racing game,
“SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run”, released
for the Playstation 2 and Xbox wasn’t any
better either.
As his nickname implied, “Rowdy” was one
word to describe Roddy Piper as he loved to
run his mouth. He was also known for being
controversial, especially with his “Piper’s
Pit” segments. This made him a perfect fit
for the Saints Row universe. Dressed in his
signature kilt and “Hot Rod!” shirt, “Rowdy”
Roddy Piper appeared as himself in the fourth
title of the Saints Row series, “Saints
Row IV”. In fact, he has an entire mission
devoted to him and his character’s dialogue
was even voiced by Piper himself. During a
fight scene in the mission, Piper uses several
wrestling manoeuvres including his finishing
move, the Sleeper Hold.
At the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event, it was
announced that Ronda Rousey was the new voice
of Sonya Blade and what better person to fit
Sonya Blade’s badass character than the
“Baddest Woman on the Planet.” Right?
Well… not according to fans of the franchise,
who criticised Rousey for her “lifeless”
voice acting. But as a lifelong Mortal Kombat
fan, that didn’t stop Rousey from embracing
her inner Sonya Blade at WWE Elimination Chamber
2019. In the video game, Sonya Blade even
uses the rolling Juji-Gatame Armbar, the very
move that Rousey uses to rip the arms off
her opponents.
Batista has made it no secret that he wants
a Gears of War movie to be made with himself
cast as the franchise’s protagonist, Marcus
Fenix. While nothing has come to fruition
as of yet, Batista along with his fanbase
managed to grab the attention of the Gears
5 video game developers. As a result, Batista
was officially added into Gears 5 as a multiplayer
character, donning the armour of Marcus Fenix
and as The Animal himself said… Not only
does his character look badass with his signature
Hollywood shades, but Batista recorded over
700 lines of dialogue for his character and
during his actual announcement shoot, he couldn’t
contain his excitement. As Batista said himself,
he’s “destined” to play the role of
Marcus Fenix, even if that meant he had to
demand for it…

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