what can people welcome back to another video here my channel really [Music] it happening is finally happening doodlee has taken the decision of bringing back the does early women’s Tag Team Championship Noah days we are having some of women stock things honestly I think this is a good idea but I would have preferred middle car women’s title but anyway there is nothing we can do so we have to enjoy it yes fingers crossed the booking for the women’s tag team division will be the best one that they can have so let’s get into this video starting on number five we have Nikki and Brie Bella The Bella Twins Bella Twins have been attracting since they debuted they debuted on 2007 as marketing life as as a Twins TAC team during the famous twin magic that we all know how is it they have been for EE for almost ten years they have three titles like her or not Nikki Bella is the longest Divas Champion they have accomplished few good fields individually and as attracting the entrance the victory the bella twins are a perfect potential to beat acting champions sadly Nikki Bella had to retire because of her neck but he returned on SummerSlam on 2016 she had a big crowd two years later brie and Nikki they were part of the first ever women’s Royal Rumble and from evolution after that Nikki Bella had a feud with Ronda Rousey for the Roman women’s title so I think I put them on the fifth position just because they are not a full-time wrestlers not very possible that they will be first a new tag team champions passing to the fourth place Mandi rose and Sunnah to be known as absolution even if Paige is not with them Mandi Rose has turned the bill they were they were both in tough enough not many people know them because in NXT they didn’t have like a lot of opportunities they weren’t a lot a lot of time in NXT but they debuted on the main roster surprisely on 2017 with the page returning to delivery it was quite shocked because I didn’t expect to see Mandy and Sonia with Paige but with the pass of the time I realized that they are a good tag team for their division Mandy Rose is someone that is growing up in ring you can see how strong she is her finisher and chin of the mill she was already a good wrestler and now she is improving a lot and they have had a good a good charisma so I think there will be a good track team champions I put them on the full position just because with the three positions that are coming next they are better than Mandy and Sonya but I will be really happy if they win the tag team titles passing to the third place we have using first accompanied Klein the ikonics billikin and paints on Royce I decided to put Billy camper Peyton Road in this position just because they always added The Bella Twins they have bent acting’s almost the whole career billion Payton didn’t know each other since they were in high school which is incredible they were both sank for don’t really like the beauty in the next eat together they have to the word in NXT for three years being a Peyton Royce that she had a lot of opportunities for the NXT title billion Peyton and they had a match for the NXT Women’s Title and they debuted after WrestleMania against the champion in that time Charlotte Flair it was burning part and the crowd was so into them Billy camp intern Royce and they have a quite big fan base but sadly I decided put to put them on the 3rd position just because they are quite green in the ring especially Billy K its own voice she had can improve really fast but bill K I can see that she’s not the best one in the ring but as at acting they work really really well in the second position we have [Music] [Applause] Sasha banks I’m Billy the boss hogg connection yes I know many people are surprised that they are in the second place but honestly this acting for me just doesn’t make sense I like both wrestlers but I don’t see them as attractive especially because there are good rivals and distracting just came from nowhere like they don’t have history as at acting as the bailiffs Munro’s and the conex so I just put them on the second place because how famous they are because Sasha banks her individual career is really good the Bailey one is really good both of both of these wrestlers they gave us one of the best women’s matches we have ever seen so I think the only decide have them at acting just because the championships are coming I hope finally we can see Sasha turning heel to Bailey and have an individual field the one that is stopped before and finally at the first place and my personally favorite team to win the tag team titles are the riot squad Rui riot live Morgan and Sarah Logan those three wrestlers they were both in NXT Roy riot had more potential in the next three Sarah Logan she had a really great match in the medium classic and live Morgan she didn’t really shine in nameks t so I was really surprised when I saw them in there the beauty in Smackdown life but I was really shocked I didn’t expect to see live Morgan the mutant that fast I was really happy with that they have been one attacking for one year they haven’t broken which is really good so this is making history for them as at acting sadly they are just jabbers right now but Ruby riot and Sarah Logan and live Morgan they have a great great potential to be great champions there are great hills real riot individually which is one of the greatest superstars right now live Morgan she is improving a lot so if they win the titles I think everyone will be really happy because everyone is supporting the riot squad and we just want to see them out of the jobber so that was it they were by February 5 potential women starting to win the women’s Tag Team Championships we just need to wait who is going to win it I really hope the riot squad wins but if any of the techniques that I mentioned before they win I will be really really happy for them thank you much for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe give a like leave a comment and see you on the next video bye bye

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