5 Insane Russian Dash Cam Videos

( chuckles, grunts )
You– You rub yourself
on the hood.
( music playing )
Now, dash cams are usually
to document potential accidents
for insurance purposes,
but sometimes they also film
a herd of escaped circus
elephants running
across the street
during a forest fire.
My point is,
dash-cam videos be crazy.
So we gonna play
a game with them.
This is how it works, Link.
I’m gonna show you
just a piece-sss.
…of a dash-cam video,
and then you’re gonna have some
multiple choices
as to how that dash-cam video’s
going to end–
– I’m gonna predict?
– You’re gonna predict.
And then I’m gonna reveal the
by showing you and you
the videos.
Now, if you get
less than three right,
you get the punishment
of what is inside
this Russian nesting doll.
It’s a Russian nesting doll
because most of these videos
are from Russia
’cause Russian dash-cam videos
have just a very special way
about them.
How much time do you think
that you have spent in your life
looking at these videos?
I’d say between a week
and a month.
– Oh, wow.
– All combined.
Which is why
you’re quizzing me.
You know all these answers.
Yeah, I’ve seen all these.
Okay, here’s our first one.
Check it out, Link.
( funk music playing )
What could happen?
Was that funky music
just in my head,
or did you hear it, too?
Uh, it was in your head.
What happens next?
Uh, well, there was traffic
lights in the shot.
I would love to see that one.
A lady lying on the hood?
– It’s possible.
– Mm-hmm.
I’m gonna go with C…
Let’s see if he’s right.
Rhett:There she is.
Link:And she–
And she just laid there
like she was stuck to it?
Yeah, that’s how you get
an Uber in Russia.
– ( Link grunting )
– You’re just–
You rub yourself on the hood.
( grunting )
She was hoping to get
an insurance payout.
There are thousands of videos
like that on the internet,
people, like,
not timing it right.
Sometimes people get it
incredibly right,
and it looks super violent,
– And a lot of times
it’s just that.
– Oh, wow.
If I was going to do it,
I’d do it just the way
she did it.
Yeah, just kind of ( grunts ).
“I don’t wanna get hurt.”
You’re wrong, Link.
Let’s look at the next one.
( men speaking Russian )
Is it just me or could you
understand everything
they were saying?
Yeah, okay, so anything can
happen with this van.
What’s about to happen?
( imitates Transformer
transforming )
Optimus Prime is a rig, man.
We all know that.
In Russia, I think he is a van.
So is it cartoon characters
or a marching band?
The David Caruso thing
is just too nuts.
Too nuts. Yeah, that would never
happen in Russia.
And I don’t wanna see
an assault.
So I’m hoping this is
a marching band,
one of those–
What’s it called
when a group of peop–
flash mob.
– Flash mob, all right.
– Marching band flash mob, A.
Let’s see what happened.
Here they come.
Link:Yes! Am I right?
– Rhett:No, you’re wrong.
– Link:I’m wrong.
Rhett:And watch– This gets
pretty ugly pretty fast.

( men in car laughing )
– Link:Oh, wow.
These guys are not helping,
as you can hear.
They’re just laughing.
They’re getting
a kick out of it.
That was traumatic.
And Mickey
was covering his eyes
the whole time
he was kicking the guy.
– Rhett:Yeah.
– Link:That’s weird.
Rhett:He doesn’t wanna see
himself commit these deeds.

That is odd
and really off brand.
Well, that van is the Russian
version of Universal Studios.
Off-brand Mickey comes out–
’cause he’s not even at
Universal. He’s Disney.
Get it? Yeah.
I get it, I get it, I get it.
– I’m wrong. Not doing good.
– Yeah, you’re wrong.
You gotta get
the next three right.
Let’s see if you can get
this one right.
Check it out.
– Not a lot to go on.
Not a lot to go on.
– Oh, what?
Just an overcast day
in Russia.
Bumper-to-bumper traffic.
What’s about to happen?
Oh, there they are.
Um, snap.
What, the driver laughs so hard
at what, he drives off a bridge?
I mean, it’s Russia.
It could be anything.
What would he be laughing at?
Two dogs humping?
You would choose
something like that.
– But would you?
– You know what?
I’mma go with he drives
off the bridge
’cause he’s laughing hard.
– You sure
you wanna go with that?
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– You sure?
Because you might wanna go
with one that’s right
so you have a chance
to continue to win.
Okay, well, then I’ll go with…
B, he drives off a bridge
into a shallow pond.
All right, let’s show him
the correct answer.
There they are, Link.
– Link:Oh, gosh.
It’s two dogs humping.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, talk about adding danger
into the equation.
– Yeah.
– They’ve definitely done that.
That makes it more…
Actually that’s just a deleted
scene from “Lady And The Tramp.”
Wow, right there.
I mean, there’s not even lanes
separating those cars.
That’s a dangerous place
to get it on.
Link, now you’re going for the
negative queen sweep.
– Yes.
– Okay.
Here’s your next video.
Link:Okay, whoop– Ooh.
Man, I can see there’s about
to be a big crash.
That Civic was
about to hit that Volvo.
Now, just keep in mind.
This is America.
This happened in America.
All the rules are different.
What’s about to happen?
And did a dog show up, too?
‘Cause this could get really
immediately I was drawn
to the throwing of groceries.
– Yep.
– But the party balloons
coming out of a trunk–
I can see that happening
after a crash,
that would, like, put a silver
lining on the whole thing,
like it becomes a celebration.
– I’m hoping for that one…
– Uh-huh.
…that it’s A,
but I’m actually guessing
that it’s B.
– Okay.
– Groceries.
Let’s see what it is.
Link:Ooh! Grea–
( together )

It was the balloons, Link.
Yeah, those DIY airbags
are a bad idea.
All right, Link, you’ve missed
all of them.
– Which is great, right?
– All of them.
Good. Let me miss
this next one, too.
Here’s the last video.
( laughing )
Just a–
It’s just an intersection.
Yeah, what’s about to happen?
Or D– The car from “Cars”
comes out and says,
“You believed in me so much
so now I’m real!”
The car from “Cars.”
It just could be any of them.
– Right.
– The car.
What if that happened?
That would be so awesome.
That would actually change
my life.
It would confirm
a lot of things for me.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
But we know that’s not it.
So which other one is it not
that I can guess
so that I get them all wrong?
Right, that’s the goal here.
I think it’s stormtrooper.
So I’m not gonna guess
– Okay.
– Uh, I’m gonna go with bathtub
blown in by the wind.
– Blowing in bathtub.
– For the loss.
( horn honking )
You were right/wrong, Link.
Link:Oh, wow.
Rhett:And then he just runs
the red light.

Link:He was so ready
to be honked at,

like he was ready
with the blaster.
Still better than Episode One.
Congratulations, Link.
Is this a punishment?
Yeah. That’s yours.
Open it up.
Be very careful.
Be very careful?
– Yeah
– It’s not a snake, is it?
It’s not a snake, but…
You don’t have to go slowly.
Just be careful.
That’s some spoiled borscht.
( shudders, coughs )
And now it’s yours?
on your negative queen sweep.
What is borscht?
It’s a Russian beet soup.
I’ve been borschted.
Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing.
You know what time it is.
Hello, boys and girls.
I am Sam.
And I am Paulie.
And we are from…
St. Petersburg, Russia.
And now it’s time to…
Spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
( chuckles )
Wow, love to see what comes
out of their dash cam.
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