James has gone mad with power.
Thank you EA for sponsoring this video today.
Open fire!
You’re like a brother to me!
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So listen I know you guys are used to James introducing these videos,
but we’ve got a bit of a problem.
James has gone mad with power.
I’m afraid he’s turning to the dark side.
Ever since he built the first proto saber he’s…
He just won’t put it down. It’s getting out of control.
It started out innocent enough,
but it’s been getting increasingly worse.
We’re basically, I’m going up in the…
Then last week,
Good day James! You wanted
to see me. Yeah JT I hear you’re planning
on leaving us soon to return to South Africa?
Yeah that’s right, really I just wanted to say thanks for-
I can’t allow you to do that. Sorry?
You’ve seen to much.
James I’m not sure I understand.
James what? No!
Seriously!? Aaah.
Something’s got to be done.
Someone’s got to stand up to him.
Wonder how I got these sweet
lightsaber skills?
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Hey Riley!
All right I’m done building the saber
now all I have to do is build a battery pack.
Luckily, Tattoo hooked us up with their smart lipo batteries.
Contrary to popular
belief Tattoo batteries are not actually
manufactured on Tatooine. They’re
actually made by a company called GrePow.
Who makes all sorts of batteries for
anything from smart glasses to race cars.
This lightsaber functions exactly the
same as James’s with current flowing
down the tungsten and then back up the
but unlike changes these batteries have
a built-in BMS. Meaning that the circuit
goes from this, to this. If you want to
see the full circuit diagram you can
check out a project on Maker.io
This is what lets us switch the 2000 amps required for this lightsaber.
Alright gonna have to do some quick
tests. Make sure this works. Lets find out.
There we go.
Oh yeah.
Little bit of sizzle. There we go, oh yeah.
I feel the heat, still heating up a bit.
All right lets burn some things.
There is nothing worse then cold coffee.
Yeah everything does taste better in
Hacksmith merch.
What’s going to happen if we try some dry ice.
Oh yeah James I’m coming for ya.
Oh yeah.
A little bit of scrap metal.
It works.
James called a staff meeting in the
shipping container which is weird.
This is- I think this is it. I hope this protosaber works.
Open Fire!
Come on guys this is totally unsafe.
You’re like a brother to me!
Hey guys we’re on track with the edit
All right.

100 thoughts on “2752° LIGHTSABER FIGHT!”

  1. Warning! Do not try this at home. If you want to play with lightsabers, subscribe to Origin Access Premier and play Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order http://www.inflcr.co/SH1sy

  2. I wish I had those warning's when I was a kid wouldn't have anyhue nice video felt like I was watchin a movie Ahsome!!!, or Was it!!, deb's on their cars man!! one of them two got one that run's I bet!!!: ]]]

  3. Imagine wearing fallout powersuit and using this to rob a bank lol, yeah dont mind if i do cut right into the vault, if only it was cordless

  4. Imagine if he just wants to kill the other dude and as soon as the video end he slashed the other dude in half

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    Military: "I have felt it"
    Trump: "We have a new enemy, the young boy that destroyed area 51. I have no doubt this is the offspring of Elon musk."
    Military: "How is that possible?"
    Trump: "Search your feelings, you know it to be true."
    Military: "He's just a scientist"
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    Military: "He will join us or die!"

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    Riley: Nice lightsaber can I have one?

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