100 thoughts on “2020 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response”

  1. Trump shamelessly put on a circus act. He trotted out a few blacks, a couple soldiers and gave prizes away, I kept waiting for him to start barking "and a new car for you and a scholarship for you! I am sure he has already paid Moscow Mitch for not allowing all the bills sitting on his desk to come up for a vote. All as he trotted out all kinds of lies, like his protecting pre-existing conditions… as he is in court fighting to get rid of them. When don-the-con lied that he was going to lower drug costs, some Democratic members of Congress stood up with three fingers raised in the air. They chanted "HR 3" for the Cummings bill to lower drug costs…THAT MITCH McCONNOLL HAS BEEN SITTING ON FOR MONTHS! His lies are well known and this whole circus act was simply to pander to his ignorant base and unfortunately president "bonespurs" and his "pussy grabbing" sideshow will play well in Trump's 'alternate reality' sideshow. #comradeTrump

  2. “My fellow idiots, who are actually going to listen to me say the speech that is ghostwritten by someone else, because,obviously, these aren’t my own words, but you idiots are going to listen to me anyway, and believe me, because that’s what sheep do.”

  3. interesting interactions between the justices and trumps toadies..great victory…they kept their jobs and left a lunatic in office.

  4. Someone obviously didn't listen to the speech said not 10 min. ago…🙄. Apparently Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants to not only have control of her body, but her child's life. At the end she says to pay attention to what people say, but in the beginning she says that what they say doesn't matter?????

  5. Great to see Trump correct all the disinformation about the economy only benefiting the rich. The truth is, people like Bernie are redundant when there is this much upward mobility and prosperity. Americans are doing quite well on the whole, and nobody in their right mind would rock the boat right now.

  6. A corrupt liar, a drama queen, a despicable odious racist imbecile, a pompous blowhard, an insincere lecherous, arrogant moron, a self-promoting manipulative despot. That is Donald Trump. That is the image he promotes for America.

  7. This was an edited version of the same speech he made last year, I know you right winged tools have the memory of a ham sandwich that's been cooked between the thighs of an orange goon, but you can't be this forgetful…geez.

  8. 1:49:00 Bang Bang Bang the gavel "The House come to order!" Order for what? Everyone is ignoring you, you childish miscreant!? Why don't you make like the dragon you are and EAT the copy of the President's speech you just tore up!?

  9. Really?! GOVENOR….The Senate is holding up American?…It couldn't be the hijacking of the peoples house by Liberal Democrats to perpetuate the ongoing partisan deep state soft cue against the president since regaining the majority…Couldn't be that?….Really?…

  10. He didn’t shake Vice President Pence’s hand either. So I don’t think it was a snub. It if it was a snub, she certainly deserved it.

  11. Thank You President Trump , for the ideas and requests for the education, to have trade schools in all high schools. Also about medicine and insurance , the fact that if you have a preexisting illnesses. Thank You President Trump for saying that you will Not let socialism take over our health car system . It is wonderful that now we are a leader in producing energy ! Thank You President Trump !

  12. The British Parliament is hilarious to watch…those white dressed peop li e must have watched a segment of their meetings!!! 💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥TRUMP 2020💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥

  13. God Trumps speech was a load of shit! For one he says they are respected by all other countries now! Lol that’s bullshit America is now the laughingstock of the world thanks to Trump

  14. The white coated Dem. Female Coven were all glued to their seats and their scowls glued to their faces. Might as well each carried signs that said DOWN with AMERICA ! Kill Babies ! Socialism NOW !

  15. Hum…









    Psalm 118:8-9 KJV

    8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

    There is NO left or right; they are two wings on the same bird. During the Impeachment hearings; Republican's and Democrat's BIPARTISAN secretly extended the PATRIOT ACT.

  16. Poor choice for the Dem response. Dry mouth was annoying… and was about as exciting as watching glue dry. Michigan won't go blue yet again.

  17. If the Democrats get their way the future young people can look forward to a centralized government unsympathetic to individual rights. They would turn us into Cuba, Venezuela or God forbid California.

  18. Gretchen Whitmer just guaranteed that she is a single term governor. She talks a lot of shit, yet has done nothing towards fulfilling her campaign promises.


  20. United States of America….. watching the Democrats I see no want to be United to make America great again…shameful displays of so called Americans .

  21. A man who will be watched, we shall see how far up the ass of Israel he will go. God help us all.
    I really think he thinks we are all ignorant, we don't do our research and practice the trivium.

    "Like most men, he's been taught his whole life to be cognitive and logical. Under these conditions, lying wins out."

  22. Look at the Demons in your area you voted for and watch there reaction and you act they show there not working for you.

  23. Gov. Whitmer: a typical air head democrat. She had no rebuttal/response concerning the President's SOTU address, but praises the Dems concerning their accomplishments. She talks about the lies that the President told tonight, yet she can't take just one of his points and rebut it. She says that it's the Dimwits who are investing in infrastructure. LOL! Trump is the one who heralded that initiative long ago, but now the Dimwits want to claim it was their initiative. Keep in mind that it absolutely takes bipartisan support to get anything passed in DC today. There had to be some GOP and some Dems to get infrastructure going. The President has to sign those bills into law. So don't try to come off like it is the Dimwits who solely got infrastructure going. And what about that mouthful of hypocrisy where she says that healthcare for the nation is personal, not political. What a line of crap! The Dimwits in the House crammed the ACA through so fast that it made their move to impeach the President seem like a slug trying to cross a four lane highway. They POLITICIZED healthcare, and they did it to uplift Obama, as some wonder god, it is after all called Obamacare. We all know what happened to Obamacare: it flopped almost as bad as the Mueller report. It's pretty simple: Dimwits want to socialize medicine, putting the burden of its cost on the working class, who are already taxed beyond belief. The GOP has worked to remove the unconstitutional mandates that the Dimwits demanded. Our healthcare under Obamacare has become so bad that it is nearly impossible to see a doctor without having to wait for referrals, and approval that take too long. But those who don't work, but could, are the ones who get the top notch care along with free eye care, dental, and anything else the Dimwits can throw in with it. And her statement on who receives what healthcare benefits is misleading. There are very few who have to pay all out for medical procedures that once was only for the rich, or for those with jobs with included benefits. But just to make a point, I once had good coverage, but not anymore. I lost it under the Obama regime when the Dimwits ruined it. Whitmer was the worst choice for a response from the Dems because she is a total liar and hypocrite. But don't take my word for it. Just go online and google the facts. Then she wants to come off like American workers are hurting. If they are hurting in her state it is because the combination of governors, both GOP and Dems have not done their jobs very well. But let's see how much she can help them get back to work, being that this economy is now booming. If she can't get her state back to its feet then it will be her fought, not the President. And I can't believe that she would lie about the economy. I guess she is the only one who fails to see how great our economy is doing. Facts don't lie, but Whitmer does. And those bills gathering dust on McConnell's desk are doing so because the Dimwits want to continually pursue impeachment. Again, if any bill passes to the Senate it is because of bipartisan support. I never thought of minimum wage jobs as being permanent, but evidently the Dimwits want to make it so by increasing the min wage to a wages unsustainable for the businesses that employs their workers. Why not lift those workers out of those jobs and give them jobs that can sustain a livable wage. This is what the President has accomplished. Again, facts don't lie, but Whitmer does. Someone messed up big time when they let her give a response to the President's address. And she really should pay heed to her own advice. Truth does matter. Facts do matter. And the Left has worked overtime to spin a lie about our President. Obama and his henchmen in the FBI set up the Russian-Trump collusion narrative lie to undue the 2016 election. They have tried to protect their own, even when they do wrong and brag about, like ole Quid Pro Quo Joe did. How can they do such things and get by with it? It is because there are those who simply fall for the lies and the smears. The impeachment process has failed just like we all knew it would. What next? To my family and friends in MI, do your country a favor and vote the air head Whitmer out as soon as possible. Keep America going in 2020! Trump/Pence 2020!

  24. I’m sorry, what? Rush gets a medal for sharing his opinion every day? Come on people. Lets raise the bar a little.

  25. No disrespect to Gov Gretchen but….dont the PEOPLE pay taxes to repair the roads? I'm sure a political party isn't pulling out a check book. Also can you imagine what America could do if both parties put their time and effort on projects versus bickering back and forth

  26. I have no insurance, but I can promise you this freedom is far more important. I don't want your healthcare or the garbage that is so unimportant, Keep your freebies and give us liberty or give us death.

  27. The speech and the congressman reminded me of The Price is Right, what is that silver thing in front of Nancy on the desk?

  28. BREXIT is very closely related to the Republican Revolition in the USA. Thank you Mr President for your support and interest and continued contact with Mr Nigel Farage despite everything the British Political Establishment attempted to do to stop the United Kingdom regaining its freedom after 47 years of increasing EU corruption and diminishing democracy.

  29. Thank you Obama for what you did in your 8 years. Trump's simply gets to brag about the fruits of your labor. It's so easy to brag about the building when you didn't have to lay the foundation

  30. Pelosi could only tear up her copy of the speech. Her feeble defence and arguments well displayed and contrasted against President Trump's achievements and progress. #KAG2020

  31. I like TRUMP but where's he getting these numbers from because out here on these streets it looks like a totally different story????

  32. 1:45:54–1:46:11: Nancy Pelosi ripped up and threw aside her copy of State of Reunion. I was surprised, because In my opinion, only Uneducated, LOW-CLASS people did such disgusting in public.

  33. 42:05 HOLY S*** the democrats even stood up for that.
    Ah he said the people in this room got it done. So they are trying to take credit again.

  34. At the beginning when they are bringing in the SCOTUS, I don't see Waldo, I mean RBG. If she can't make it to the SOTU address, then she needs to step down. She is missing all kinds of time on the bench.

  35. Thank You our wonderful police, and armed forces. President Trumps speech helped to appreciate them more. God Bless our President, President Trump.

  36. Every time I see Pelosi I can't think of anything but Mars Attacks. Particularly when her ears perk up at the sound of "power"! right at the 30min mark.

  37. I was wondering why she was looking at that speech so hard. Don't act like it wasn't planned.
    She can barely speak let alone read right?

  38. From the first sentence he uttered..I want to vomit at his blatant lies..the only ones benefitting the economy are the wealthy..period.. 🎯🎯

  39. Yes Govenor, the truth matters, Not the Democrats partisan idea of truth but actuall objective facts based on rules of evidence. If such objectivity is applied then the Senate impeachment vote tomorrow should be 100 percent to acquit….but sadly we know that won't happen.

  40. That tramp started running her American Slaver Pedophile Party trap and I got revolted. It seems like they'd give up hating the United States and subverting law and order after that civil war they started and lost to enslave millions,

    then when the Republicans had to invade Democrat hijacked Jim Crow ''No Constitution for YeW, and YEW, and YoU'' JUNTA in the 1960s.

    But NO, the



    while the PARTY that COMMITS 96% of ALL US GUN CRIME



  41. Yeah right..minimum wage now only $12 per hour..while the rents are up to $1700 per month for a 2 BR apartment..Trump..the boldest of liars..

  42. Yeah, WATCH WHAT THEY DO..like disrespectful Nasty Nancy ripping up the SOTU speech of President Trump! It tells everyone what a Classless being she is

  43. Watching the Dems just sit there when very wonderful things have been accomplished by Our President's Team despite the Dems who were all talk & no action! MORE LIES FROM THE DEMS & RINOS.

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