13 most muscular woman 😱

13 most muscular woman 😱

hello all the strength in analyzing
experts as you know who says
bodybuilding is only for men and who
sees women who do bodybuilding aren’t
attractive bodybuilding is a sport
Austin associated with men and while
there are actually women who do
bodybuilding they are stereotyped as
masculine and Hames unattractive but
since woman began bodybuilding there are
those who prove that a woman can be
attractive and sexy even with all those
budging muscles for starters just ask
Van Damme pair the top 13 most
attractive female bodybuilders of all
town number 1 Rene Campbell granade
Campbell a British national champion who
currently weights 13 stone 5 pounds
works out for two hours a day five times
a week the 35 euros south confess big or
Ezek also consumes 4200 calories a day
in the form of chicken rice and
vegetables and even carries a pair of
scouts with her so she can wear her food
and restrooms
Rene Campbell weights thirteen point
five stone but is so addicted to
bodybuilding she won’t stop until she
waits Chinese stone when Rene won her
first tile
she was only training for four years she
plays first in the International
Federation of bodybuilding and fitness
number two debbie Lozinski born
September 29 1969 age 46 Wausau
Wisconsin see us 1969 September 29th
debbie is living proof that you are
never too old to do anything when she
was 45 years old she ranked third best
female bodybuilder in the world in
professional bodybuilding her success is
likely due to her intense training
regimen that has helped her build an
outrageous amount of muscle and strength
her workout sessions have made it
possible for her to curl an 85-pound
chart according to several bodybuilding
analysts she still hasn’t reached for
her peak as a competitor who knows what
we will see from Debbie in the future
number three
Virginia Sanchez Virginia Sanchez is not
only a bodybuilder she is also a
personal trainer howling from Madrid she
has been working out since she was 17
years old she won her first competition
when she was only 19 years old today she
is in her forties and she has seventeen
point five inch biceps and 27 inch
squats this is very impressive what is
more impressive is that she is only 5
feet 3 inches the fact that she can
carry around this much muscle on such a
tiny frame is pretty much amazing number
4 Alena Papa
Elena Papa has been working out for over
15 years
according to Elena part of the reason
for her call oh so physic is due to
lifting extremely heavy weights at least
five days a week she waits just 160
pounds and she can squat almost 400
pounds that is almost four times her
weight and it is the same thing as
squatting two grown man also there are
many grown men who cannot squat at least
a quarter of this weight Alena Papa is
very impressive and shows it each time
she competes number five I miss Kyle
of all the bodybuilders in history iris
Kyle is the most successful she has one
tan Olympia titles her stats are the
best around even compared to those in a
man’s professional league for shuffling
muscle definition and symmetry have been
helping her when contacts since 1994
after I was born her 10th Olympia
Championship she announced her
retirement today she still remains an
icon in an ambassador for the sport she
is also a role model for women who were
just starting out and bodybuilding
number 6 yes Annie Ari Quinn if sandy
army Quinn
started out as a super skinny venezuelan
fashion model and her team’s and early
twenties when a novelty affection
modeling were off she became a beautiful
woman with colossal muscles today she is
48 years old and has one of the most
amazing physics and female bodybuilding
today she has been earning achievements
and bodybuilding for two decades
currently she is ranked the second under
women’s Pro ranking list her physic and
pair muscles say it all number seven
Brigitta Brazos Valley
Brigitta brasil vac has been competing
in bodybuilding events since 2001 she is
so built and muscular that during a 2004
competition she was turned away from a
fitness class category during a
competition because the judges argue
that she was too muscular to compete
after that day she spent multiple time
lifting weights so that she could
dominate the female bodybuilding leap
this is exactly what she did until she
retired in 2013 her hard work definitely
paid off and she was ranked the feedback
female bodybuilder by the professional
league number 8
Lisa jeez Brad Lisa Keyes Brett is a
mother of two in a rising computer she
can curl 190 pounds so easily that you
would think that she was curling a can
of soup unlike most computers in the
sport Lisa didn’t start at an early age
she was actually a late bloomer she
didn’t start lifting weights and
dedicating her time to a total body
transformation until she was in her 30s
late bloomer or not she still stand out
both most in the sports
number nine Christy Hawkins Christy
Hawkins is a very beautiful woman and
proved that big things come in very
small packages
she asked 140 pounds of rock heart
muscle which she carries around on her
five feet for industry it is impossible
not to stare at her the countless hours
that she has spent and the team has made
it possible for her to squat 400 pounds
that is the equivalent of her squatting
Shaquille O’Neal it takes a lot of time
and dedication to get a physic electus
number 10 Natalia Shekinah this woman is
one of the most extreme female
bodybuilders in road at only 23 years
Natalia Shekinah is one of the most
muscular woman in the world she is 5
feet 5 inches and is carrying 200 pounds
of immense muscle when she walks in the
team with her 15-inch biceps
she makes most of the men look bad she
has more than muscles she has the
strength to back it up she recently sat
a new world record by bench pressing 375
pounds that is the same weight as one of
the heaviest linebackers in the NFL
Natalia is a force to be reckoned with
number 11 Oksana Kushina fitness has
always been Oksana kushina’s life Oksana
earn a degree as a specialist and
physical training and sports while in
college she organized her own baller
called and Therese and worked as a
choreographer for children at the
Tchaikovsky School of Music and Art in
Kaliningrad while working as a fitness
and Eric’s and structures in Kaliningrad
fellow trainers advised her to try
bodybuilding because Oksana has a good
physique she applied and in no time
quickly into competitive fitness ranks
in Russia oh poor on March 25 1978 in
Kaliningrad Russia Oksana was first into
gymnastics as a child and a teen before
transitioning to fitness and
bodybuilding she was awarded best an
Olympic sport women’s of the year in
2005 and 2006 number 12
Cory Everson
one of the most successful female
bodybuilding competitors of all town
Karina Cory Everson won Miss Olympia six
years in a row from 1984 to 1989 she is
the only competitor never to have lost a
contest at Miss Olympia Everson was part
of the inaugural batch inducted IFBB
Hall of Fame in 1999 she is also the
first woman to be presented the Lifetime
Achievement Award at the 2007 Arnold
Classic born on january 4 1958 in Racine
Wisconsin Everson attended the
University of Wisconsin Madison where
she was a fan out in weapons and
gymnastics and track and field after her
graduation she began to train seriously
as a bodybuilder and she trained along
with future husband Jack arason at
Ernie’s gym on Sherman Avenue and
medicine the following is the most
expected parts of the video photo
explanation the Internet is spreading a
photo off a muscular girl like that in
science fiction’s however his chance of
products of Photoshop as if you look at
the photo carefully you can see me any
abnormal things how do all of you think
about his photo leave a comment below to
let us know and now let’s come back with
number 13 sir Batman
Satur Batman was more known for her town
with the WWE and for being an arm
wrestler where she used bodybuilding to
achieve her looks in her fame born on
December 8 1991 in Stockholm Sweden
Batman began arm wrestling at an early
age she would Anna as one of the most
decorated female arm wrestlers ever
Sarah was an 11 time winner of the
Swedish arm wrestling championship 8
time European armwrestling champion in 8
Tamra armwrestling champion
she also compete in Sweden’s version of
televisions gladiator series Batman
portrayed spirit and a shoat call
gladiator arena in the Swedish TV for
2013 to 2014 sorry back man pursued her
ambition to be professional wrestler and
sign with the WWE’s developmental
territory and XT with the ring name
Shara what amazing efforts they are to
gain those muscular frame is such a long
process of training a fantastic video
for those who love strange things thanks
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