$1 vs $1000 Snowball Launcher Challenge! DIY Snowball Fight Vs Zombies

$1 vs $1000 Snowball Launcher Challenge! DIY Snowball Fight Vs Zombies

now this
well can we got into the meet at the
gates freezing over here what do you
want have a squirrel within 20 meters
with absolutely zero way to defend
ourselves we are in critical danger
Logan we need to block this place down
and defend ourselves we’re sitting ducks
out here it’s just a squirrel we don’t
have to defend ourselves from a squirrel
do not remember what squirrels can do
and come out and steal our nuts this is
gonna be the ultimate snow fort
we need some way to defend it with
snowballs it’s a good thing you said
snowballs Jake because we kind of blew
the budget on this place no no no no we
need we need an advanced snowball
technology it’s 20/20 Logan it’s a brand
new decade we need to build the ultimate
biggest most advanced snowball launcher
that we can defend this billionaires
snow fort from absolutely anything I
mean anything Logan even zombies hey
what’s going on everyone it’s Papa Jake
coming back with a brand new video and
today guys we are gonna be doing the $1
versus one
we are doing the $1 vs. $1,000 snowball
launcher challenge it is so extra to
make a snowball launcher that’s $1,000
we ain’t living in the past no more it’s
2020 it’s the future we got flying cars
up in here
so instead of using our hands using
something way better but of course as
you guys know we have the world’s most
luxurious and the biggest billionaire
snow fort and if we’re gonna be
defending this thing we need to find
proper equipment to launch snowballs at
any sort of enemy now of course guys if
Logan is correct and at the end of the
day none of these work and it is just
better to use your hands then I’ll admit
I am wrong but if I am right Logan you
need to say Jake you are always right
and you are the best at everything how
about this the winner of this challenge
gets an extra $200 for our mystery box
the winner gets to put money inside
their mystery the winner gets to put
money inside a mystery box and in two
weeks we’re gonna do a mystery box
showdown video where Jake is probably
gonna get $10,000 mystery box and loads
can’t get like $1 Logan I’m gonna start
in here in the nice warm inside I’m
gonna give you a most important task of
the day you need to go up there and find
me some premium snow I’m not talking
about the cheap stuff either you need to
find the nice packing snow I’ve got a
bunch of different supplies here some of
which I bought off the internet some of
which I’m gonna be building myself but
the first thing I wanted to try to start
with is building our very own snowball
sniper now you guys know that you know
you could throw a snowball they’re big
they’re round we all know what snowball
looks like but could we create a
snowball sniper that could launch little
me snowballs extremely far kind of like
a paintball gun so what I did here was I
grabbed myself a little plunger which
actually works by pumping like this and
then when you pull the trigger it
releases a bunch of air so I’m going to
attach a barrel to this as well as a
handle and I think we might be able to
turn this into an epic snowball sniper
that can launch mini snowballs
I say we get building alright guys while
Jake’s not here I had an amazing idea
I’ve seen some other youtubers on
YouTube made some really cool snowball
launcher devices later in the video when
Jake thinks it’s all over we’re gonna be
building a device that blows Jake’s
sniper whatever he’s built
completely out of the water okay guys so
after a little bit of fiddling around
with it I was finally able to complete
the world’s first snowball sniper rifle
now this thing looks absolutely awesome
it’s a little kind of post-apocalyptic
but I really like the design I actually
use the nerf grip here so you can
actually grip the front of it and I have
a little sniper scope here that I
attached to the top so it works like a
real sniper and it looks like Logan’s
returned just in time with some of that
fresh snow don’t eat the snow not cross
all right before we take this thing
outside and actually see how well it
works but you need to test it I have not
tested it yet so the snowball has to be
like this small but it’s a sniper Logan
so you’re gonna be hitting really really
tiny so this could totally not work at
all guys but if it works I mean this is
gonna be awesome
it just gave it a couple pumps got nice
good pressurized
snowball sniper all right here we go
guys the very first snowball sniper in
three two what what just happened test
number two in three two guys this might
be too powerful it doesn’t shoot out a
lot of snow but it’s definitely uh yeah
it’s like an hour like a little mini
snowball that’s probably gonna hurt so
far my hand is better than your sniper
let’s move on to the next item because
we got more snowball launchers in our
magical box
all right guys next up we’ve got
snowball throwers which I guess is like
using your arm but instead of your arm
we’re using science to throw it it’s
even got the pop of Jake merch colors
check that out by the way off some brand
new merch if you like what we’re wearing
it’s available right now in the Papa
Jake’s store link in the description
down below below go check this thing out
looks like it even comes a little
scooper to make your own snowball create
perfect snowball and let’s see if I can
hit the target
three two what
but that’s okay because Logan I have a
little bit of a back-up plan I got this
bad boy
check it out it is a nerf tennis ball
launcher that I think we could use as an
epic snowball shot gun load it on in now
go stand over there
no I’m not saying like a baseball okay
so that’s got to be up there with the
sniper guys again like I said we’re
gonna be taking out our best snowball
officers and testing them outside in the
real world
I think against snow zombies this is a
massive slingshot yeah you got to
remember to we’re going for not only
efficiency in terms of how far you can
shoot the snowballs how hard you can
shoot the snowballs but also how quick
you can this definitely is gonna shoot
it far and hard but we’re gonna have to
save that one for when we go outside I
do have another one though dudes so
check this out
actual snowball my gun I don’t know if
they’re trying to say mega gun or what
but it’s absolutely do not try anything
in this video at home especially and
we’ve got the actual snowball launcher
here which you got a little snowball
maker up top here you load it in the
front and then you use the elastic band
to shoot snowballs over we’ve got a nice
perfect snowball fits in the little cup
here pull back like so first things
first and construction you always need
your safety goggles now the second thing
we’re gonna do is make some adjustments
to this piping because we’re gonna be
making the next step of this is to glue
this pipe and insert it into this and
this is where the snow balls are gonna
be coming down into alright guys I have
finished my snowball launcher Jake is
currently eating lunch so he has no idea
that this thing exists loathes snowballs
into this to turn on the leaf blower and
when they come down the chute oh like a
machine all right guys now that we’ve
tested out all of our epic snowball
launchers inside we are going to take
our snowball launchers outside into the
real world and set them up in front of
our base then we are going to get a
real-life zombie to try and make it to
our base our objective is to use each
different snowball launcher to stop him
but the snowball entre do you mean a
real zombie
Lazzaro be like if one of those things
you get anything on Amazon man I got one
on Amazon all right guys so we’ve got
all of our smoke here that we’re gonna
be using to make our snowballs
and we have all of our different
snowball launchers ready to go first up
we’re gonna be using the mug gun or
Massimo launch Jake there’s the zombie
dancing on a pond of ice Lok and in fact
it the zombie falls through the ice we
don’t need enough to deal with them but
in case he does not fall through the ice
we’ve got this see what happens
versus zombie all right Logan zombie is
approaching the base on the ice very
slowly a zombies do he’s in range and Oh
direct miss you miss Jake reload he’s
getting closer
Oh Jake give me it Oh direct hit on the
zombie that’s right Jake all right not
bad but it did take us three tries I
mean you did hit them but not that good
next we’re gonna go with the nerf cannon
all right the zombies reset all right
nerf cannon is ready in three two one
okay it is people we can reload quickly
load her up Logan she’s really taking
one for the team shot to the face but I
mean it did take three shots so right
now this is on par with the mcgunn with
our next item this sniper zombie would
be coming three two one oh it’s like a
little mini snowball sniper rifle shot
zombie you’re alive I mean I know you’re
dead but are you like dead alive me
thumbs up
zombie maybe a little thumbs up all
right guys we’re giving the zombie a
little break yeah guys be sure to leave
a like down below and let the zombie
know you care for him in the comments
he’s gonna get a little break as we move
on to the next item because we’re
actually a little bit scared about the
power of this one I mean the sniper is
powerful but this is the snowball
now Logan is going to pull it back as
far as he can and release it with the
snow ball inside my guys Logan is in
position with the snowball catapult no
idea what’s gonna happen in three two
what oh and over the Newport space and
then over another fence the target is
set up at the other end of the pool
slash hockey rink Logan is launching in
three two what what oh that one just
exploded okay all right okay let’s
target is the zombie coming to attack
our base you need to stop it massive it
against the fence but Logan’s offense is
not our target quickly that took way too
many tries to be anywhere near plausible
for base defense so so far guys I think
the sniper wins this challenge in fact
just one more time I’m gonna try against
the target with the sniper and see how
accurate it is and prove you guys that
the sniper is in fact the best snowball
launcher we have another shot with the
sniper let’s see if we can hit a bull’s
eye three two one oh this is basically a
paintball gun
snowball it’s just a paintball gun we
have a winner my sniper no G that’s not
true we don’t have a winner yet how do
we know have a winner yet Logan I built
something while you were eating lunch
build you bought like another sniper no
Jake a snowball machine gun built a
snowball machine gun what did you make
thrower snowball on tricking you know
what you got the leaf blower on your
back that’s seven snowballs all at once
Jake start me up
all right
time to load up you’re gonna try and
shoot out as many as possible
the obvious now I gotta give it to Logan
was pretty awesome honestly this is a
hard aren’t called two completely
different snowball launchers it ended up
being that both the homemade launchers
were actually the best none of the
store-bought ones were better so it’s
between the homemade sniper rifle which
has long range and a lot of power or
Logan’s which is extremely fast rate of
fire not super accurate but you can get
a lot of snowballs going at once
it’s comment down below Jake or Logan
who do you think won this challenge and
let us know which one of these snowball
launchers you think is the best so far
Jake I do think we have a pretty good
defense system for our winter base
against any potential squirrels or
raccoons or zombies yeah I do too I mean
anyone come in here is gonna get a lot
of snow thrown at them so guys I think
this is where we’re gonna wrap up the
video don’t forget to smack that like
button for more awesome content like
this and hit the subscribe button so you
never miss a brand new video but this of
course has been Papa Jake and Logan
we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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