쯔양과 유도부는 얼마나 먹을까? 도산분식 먹방 (feat.스프라이트) Korean mukbang eating show

쯔양과 유도부는 얼마나 먹을까? 도산분식 먹방 (feat.스프라이트) Korean mukbang eating show

*She’s not alone this time?
*Tzuyang and her assistants!
*Hwang Yejin (20)
(-48kg) Specialty: Flip
*Jung Jinsil (20)
(-78kg) Specialty: Choke
*Jung Subin (21)
(+78kg) Specialty: Single leg takedown
*Lee Kyungha (21)
(-48kg) Specialty: Shoulder Wheel
*Tzuyang (24)
Specialty: Meat-Eating, Fueling, Eyebrow-Raising
*On their way to demolish everything
I’m going to make them go out of business
I will destroy it
I’m going to eat everything with Tzuyang
I will do my best today
*The kitchen on high-alert
*Tzuyang finally met some worthy opponents
*Quick break with Sprite
*Food Withdrawal Phenomenon
*Let’s keep eating!
*Tzuyang X Judo Team
Mass Mukbang
Hello everyone!
I am here at a very famous restaurant in Shinsa-dong (Dosan Restaurant)
This place is really well-known on the internet
I brought the members of the Judo team from Daegu College of Science for today’s mukbang
We are going to Seoul from Daegu!
*Mukbang on their way to Seoul
Sprite has invited me here to do a mukbang
We’ll head inside to eat with my guests
*Dosan Restaurant (Shinsa-dong)
I was very curious
They say that athletes can eat a lot
How much do you guys on a daily basis?
Like 1 chicken per person?
3~4 packs of Ramyun noodles
That’s not when you go all out, right?
Just for a regular meal?
Well, yeah when we’re hungry
I want to eat everything that’s on here
Can we order these 3 first?
Spicy rice cake, Kimbap (Dried Seaweed Rolls), and tempura
This is a combo! They go together
Okay, let’s finish this first and we’ll order more
*Dosan Spicy Rice Cake
*Steak Tartare Kimbap
*Handmade Seaweed Roll Tempura
You can pop the egg yolk and dip the kimbap in there
*3 dishes per table
*Before they get started
*Get the mouth started with some Sprite
It’s refreshing!
*A refreshing way to start today’s mukbang!
It looks so good
Now I know why this place is famous
I’m so happy
You girls must’ve been hungry
What made you start doing judo?
I was just a regular student at first
My school had a sports team
And the director asked me to try it out
The director must’ve seen something in you
*She found her talent as she started getting involved
I watched the Kdrama “The Heirs”
Kim Woobin was wearing a Judo uniform
So I said to myself “I want to find someone like him in the Judo team”
I’m looking for my Kim Woobin for 6 years now…
*False hope for 6 years..
*Love comes with Seaweed Rolls
*Let’s eat and forget
It’s delicious
I went to my nephew’s 100th-day celebration and met the Director there
He asked me to try it for 1 week.
I’ve been doing it for 5 years.
There are so many moves in Judo
Which one is fun to do?
Choking. Like this!
I thought I was going to die right now
They’re gonna leave me hateful comments now
Can I beat any non-athlete male with this skill?
I’m not scared
They’re different for sure though
I eat faster than 2 normal people put together
They eat really fast!
*Kimchi Fried Rice
*Pork Cutlet Sandwich
*Getting ready to order more food
Wow, you girls are fast
I think we finished everything within 10 minutes
We are food-fighters
*Mala Ramyun Noodles
*Cod Egg Rice
*New dishes incoming
*Each food going to their owners
She said she can’t eat cod eggs
Give me some
No. No. No.
*1 bite of the Cod Egg Rice
*1 bite of the Pork Cutlet Sandwich
*I refuse to take more than 2 bites!
You said you were going to give me a bite!
I ordered more.
Don’t get mad!
*Noodle eating skill – Noob
*This is how you do it
*Noodle eating skill – Intermediate
*Noodle Eating Contest?
It’s not easy
*Let me show you how it’s done
*They are learning
*Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg!
*Drops rice
*Whoever picks it up eats it
It’s so hot
*Cheers everybody!
Tell me about your struggles as an athlete
I want to think about it for a bit
Me too!
You guys can’t think of 1?
There are too many times..
I remember one
When I hurt my knee
It was a very hard time for me
I think losing weight was the hardest
Not eating?
I couldn’t even drink water when I was dieting
And we exercised
I had to fit their weight standards
There were many times we had short hair in Middle School and High School
They would ask us why we are going into the female spa rooms
Physical exercise
I’m sure many of the athletes will agree,
the exercise is intense
Like running? Cardio?
They expect me to be fast because I’m small
*Even during the hard times,
overcome the obstacles one day at a time
*There will be a positive result one day
*Get rid of all the stress!
It must be hard training in the Judo team,
Drink up some Sprite and feel better!
I wanted to try this too
*Game Face!
*Messed up!
Did you girls finish eating?
*Don’t know what to do since the food is gone
We’re not full yet
I was full but it’s digested already
Digesting while you eat?
It feels like I met my kind
*Don’t worry, more food is coming out
*Dosan Bibim (Spicy Sweet & Sour) Noodles
Excuse me~
*Never-ending food cycle
*Hong Kong Toast
*Time to Eat
*List of Food Ordered:
3 orders of Spicy Rice Cake (Add Cheese Add FishCakes)
3 orders of Kimbap Seaweed Rice Rolls,
3 orders of Deep-fried Seaweed Rolls,
5 Bottles of Sprite
3 orders of Pork Cutlet Sandwiches,
2 orders of Mala Ramyun,
1 order of Kimchi Fried Rice,
1 order of Cod Egg Rice,
5 bottles of Sprite
1 order of Mala Ramyun
2 orders of Kimbap Seaweed Rice Rolls,
1 order of Spicy Sweet & Sour Noodles,
1 order of Hong Kong Toast,
1 order of Kimchi Fried Rice,
7 bottles of Sprite
I prepared something for you
Since you girls are athletes
Do your best to represent South Korea
I hope everything you girls do will turn out well
And I hope this will help with your training
It’s not a lot of money, but I want to help out
I will be giving part of the promotion pay to you
Thank you!
You can buy types of equipment or tools,
Or go eat something nice with the team
Sprite will also send you boxes of drinks to the team
The food was great today
We will do our best in our future endeavors
I’m going to work hard so I can eat a lot of delicious food
I think we did indeed destroy it today
We will give it all to become proud represents of South Korea
Thank you!
I will strive to win a prize for every competition
You better!
*We support your dreams!

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  1. 쯔양언니 !
    방송 찍을때 편하게해주셔서 재밋는 기억만 있는것 같아요 ! 실제로 언니 먹는거 보는데 너무 신기했어요 ๑・̑◡・̑๑
    유도부끼리 좋은 추억만들게 해주고, 유도부 후원 까지 해주셔서 너무 감사드려요 ♥️

  2. 잘먹는 사람치고 성격 나쁜 사람없다던 말이 딱 맞는 듯하네요. 기분 좋은 영상입니다.^^

  3. 제가 스트라이프 엄청 좋아하는거 어찌알고ㅠㅠ
    스프라이트 쯔양 둘다칭찬해❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

  4. 울쯔양님~~~!!!! 최고최고~~!!!!!
    역시 먹방의 대가 천사님 쯔양님
    사랑할 수 밖에 없네요~.♡,


  5. 이쁜 유도 선수들과 쯔양님이 함께 방송하면서 웃는거 보니까 저도 모르게 웃음이 나오네요 ㅎㅎ 유도부 선수들과 쯔양님들 응원해요 ~~

  6. 얼굴만큼 마음씨도 예쁘시고 항상 어려운 사람들에게도 기부도 많이 하시던데 지금처럼 좋은방송과 쯔양님도 언제나 행복하세요^^

  7. 25인분 쯔양님 혼자 먹는 양인데ㅋㅋ 100인분 깔아주고 시작해야 되지 않나여

  8. 영상 보면서 궁금한게 있는데 얼굴에 희미하게 모자이크 처리 된거 같은데 일부러 하신건가요??!

  9. I love the girl who told that she only joined judo because she was hoping to meet a kim woobin there,, girrrlll! I feel u🤣

  10. 와 대박 난 중3인데 덩치가 쯔양님 바로 맨 외쪽누나아고 체격이 똑같은데 스프라이트 1병마시고도 배부르던데
    역시 운동부는 달라

  11. 훗! 꼬마숙녀님들이 말하시는 것도 애기들이시네요.
    오손도손 먹는 모습들이 보기 좋네요.
    전 예전에 한참 먹을 때는 라면 한 봉지에 200g짜리 안성탕면 6봉을 끓여 먹고 나서 찬밥 말아 먹었던 기억이 납니다.
    (현재는 라면 한 봉지당 그램수가 많이 줄었더군요.)
    지금은 일본불매, 농심불매라서 농심 라면은 안 먹지만, 삼양이나 오뚜기 라면 두 봉지만 먹어도 배불러서 더 못먹어요.
    근데 저 음식들 보니까 갑자기 배고파지네요.
    요즘 분식은 상당히 다양해지고 고급스러워 보여요.
    아무튼 모두들 밝고 건강시길 빌면서 응원합니다. 😀

  12. 체급 경기 하는 선수들은 먹는거에 스트레스 엄청 받아요
    운동량이 많아서먹는게 많지만 맘 놓고 먹지 못하는 것도 사실

  13. 근디 솔직히 도산분식 기대하고 줄까지서서 먹으러갔는데 가격 너무 비싸고 가격에비해 양도적고 맛도 그저그럼… 저 가격으로 엽떡에 허니콤보 시켜먹고도 남을 돈인데ㅠㅠ 나 아무거나 잘먹어서 왠만하면 맛없다고 하지않는데 진짜 너무 별로였음…ㅠ

  14. 아니 사람이 어떻게 그렇게 착해요? 어이가없네 어이가 저런사람보고 일진설인가뭔가 퍼트렸던 정신병자들이 무섭다

  15. 후원받은 4명 모두가 원하는 꿈을 이뤄서
    다시 한번 만나서 식사하는 기분좋은 모습을 기대해볼게요👍 작은거인 쯔양 화이팅입니다!

  16. 아 뭔가 유도하면 김우빈 같은 사람 있을 것 같아서 시작 했다는게 너무 공감 됨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 음대갈 때.. 가면 막 연예인 같은, 비주얼 락밴드 백인 오빠들(?) 많을 줄 알았는데.. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ. 는 무슨 공부만 열심히 했다고 한다.

  17. 운동부 사람들 마치 밥못먹는 사람처럼 그리는 방송많은데 같이 즐겁게 드시면서 편하게 방송하는거 보니 참 좋네요 거기다 광고수임일부 후원까지 잘될수밖에 없는 채널 같습니다

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