【ENG SUB】熱血高校  第二季 JUDO HIGH EP06(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP06(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Turn right and turn left.
Turn left and turn right.
Spilt out.
Fighting. Fighting. Fighting.
Kaiying. Fighting!
It all depends on you now, Qiaoyu.
Grab his hand,
Yes. Come on.
Come on.
Fighting, Qiao Yu.
Qiao Yu fighting. Qiao Yu fighting.
Qiao Yu fighting. Qiao Yu fighting.
Ippon. Over.
You have done well.
Come on, let me take a picture for you.
I have made progress. And a lot.
Come on, take a photo.
Come on.
Hou, hou.
Hou Sai Lei.
Chief Hou’s call.
What should I do?
Let me see.
I will do a stalling tactics,
and then when I finish the call,
you will win the game,
Don’t let him ask.
Don’t let him ask about us.
don’t be too nervous.
Fighting my teacher.
Zhenzhen, fighting. Zhenzhen, fighting.
Grab her.
Be careful. Be careful.
Attack her.
Hold on. Hold on.
Don’t be rush.
Ippon. Over.
Come on. It’s fine.
it’s fine, Zhenzhen.
It’s OK.
It’s fine.
You are the best.
We still got a chance.
Go, fighting.
We can win.
Win it back.
Fighting, grab it.
Beautiful. Fighting.
Fighting. Fighting.
Yunqing, be careful.
Yunqing, mind your step.
Take control of it.
Yunqing, defense.
Throw him away.
Yes, take control of him.
Yunqing, fighting.
Cheer for you.
Beautiful! Hold on!
Hold on, five seconds left.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Protest, judge.
It dosen’t count. The time is end.
I want to protest.
Judge, I want to watch the replay.
We must have end within time.
We have done it at the last second.
No. No.
Did he fall this time?
He did, right?
One, two, three.
OK, he did.
After we watched the replay,
we decided that the last second’s attack was an effective point.
White side win.
Beautiful work, Yunqing.
You’re so handsome.
Don’t worry. I will revenge for you.
OK. Fighting.
Play well.
Fighting, Yuan Fei.
Yuan Fei, fighting.
Fighting, Yuan Fei.
Hold on. Fighting.
Fighting, Yuan Fei fighting.
So handsome.
You win. You win.
Yuan Fei is so quick.
We’re going to the final.
We have the chance to compete in the final.
It’s fine, Yu Jia, don’t be afraid.
I really want to put on…
I can do it.
To put on your cloth and help you do it.
Forget it, you’re not fit for it.
It would strangle you.
Yu Jia, fighting.
Yu Jia, you can do it.
Come on. Cheer for you.
Be careful. Be careful.
Come on, stay calm.
Foot, foot.
Lock her. Lock her. Lock her.
Lock her, don’t let her up.
Hold on.
Slow down, don’t rush, Yu Jia.
Fighting, Yu Jia.
Fighting. Be careful.
Be careful. Be careful.
Fighting. Fighting. Fighting.
What are you looking at?
Do you remember when I was a kid,
there was a game that
a very strong girl
had defeated me really hard.
I quited the judo team
since I lost that time.
Is it the game that
you cried a lot after you finished it,
and even more than ten bags of chips
couldn’t stop your tears.
And you have eaten the digestion tablet for a week.
you’re here to meet that girl?
She was punished so hard by the coach.
She was really sad now.
Why are you so vicious?
So you come a long way here
just to see how pessimistic she is?
What are you thinking about?
I’m not like what you said.
Be careful.
Grab, defense.
She is so bad.
I don’t want to see it.
Later the shop would close.
Let’s go.
I don’t know why
I want to see her there.
But I want to see that she is better.
That it wasn’t an accident that I lose to her.
That I gave up for a reason.
But now.
Yu Jia, get up.
Fighting, Fighting.
Keep stable, Yu Jia.
She made it.
Hold on.
Yu Jia, fighting.
Good job. Good job.
What exactly is waza-ari?
Be careful.
Watch out.
Don’t let her crush over you.
Don’t let her crush over you, lock her.
Come on, Yu Jia.
You can do it. You can do it.
You can do it.
Use your whole strength.
Yu Jia, fighting.
Come on, Yu Jia.
Don’t rush.
Come on.
Come on.
I thought she is going to hook her.
I thought she was going to do
twice the rolling again.
Ippon, we win.
Did we?
Yu Jia is so good, right?
Yu Jia, don’t cry.
It’s over.
You’re the best. You have defeated yourself.
Get up.
Yu Jia, you’re the best.
Yu Jia, stand up.
You’re the best.
Five games, we win three games now.
Children, congratulation to you that you’re promoted.
Yu Jia, you’re the best.
Don’t cry.
We have won, no need to cry.
Today is so good.
Don’t cry.
Don’t cry.
Come on. Kaiying. Kaiying. Kaiying.
We’re promoted.
You know them?
They are good.
That girl in white cloth,
is really talented.
She is much smaller than her opponent,
but she defeated her at last.
I think that,
expect that she has a good skill,
she has good strategy.
Did you see that what she have done?
They’re pretty impressed.
Yes. Actually at last,
she did use the way of laying the enemy.
So clever.
She is not a beginner, she knows how to play.
I think after a few times,
they would be brilliant.
They would be the new star of the judo.
Congratulation to you.
Thank you.
Thank you chief.
Congratulation to your promotion.
Thank you chief.
Thank you.
The finals.
No. Chief.
No, no, no.
Don’t panic first.
No. You let me speak first.
You let me speak first.
Calm down, chief.
Calm down please.
No, chief.
Look, Qiao Yu,
is there anything wrong that he joins the judo club?
Although he is fat,
but they’re not dummy.
How could you do that?
How could you discourage him?
How could you do that?
You discourage a teenager
who is aspirant and want to lose weight.
Where is your love?
Your love was eaten by your dog.
Xue Zhenzhen,
though she has a bad temper,
but she want to change herself.
Didn’t you see that?
Those who have eyes have seen that
she has a bad temper.
But she join the judo club
is to learn how to change herself.
If she doesn’t want to change,
she would
go to do the boxing.
Then she will defeat you in a second, chief.
Look at that Ying Ruocheng.
He just nervous.
Why don’t you give me a chance?
So as to let him make a change.
He has pissed his pants.
Look how nervous he is.
You don’t encourage him.
Did he affect you?
What did he affect you, chief?
Ying Ruocheng, he pissed his own pants,
but not yours,
nor on the floor.
I know you don’t like Yuan Fei.
Chief, you don’t like him.
But I like him.
Do you ever think of that?
He has a bad temper.
He is a bad student.
Since he joined the judo club,
everything he did
are all for the judo club.
He is a good man.
Are you a good man, chief?
I can’t see that.
you can’t be jealous of Yunqing
because he is handsome.
Did it cause any trouble to you
that he switch to the judo club?
You’re just jealous of his beauty.
You’re jealous that you’re not perfect as he is.
You just want to be him,
but you can’t do it.
You can’t do it your whole life.
You’re just worse than him.
So you’re jealous of him.
I know you.
I watch you carefully.
You’re just jealous of your student.
You don’t have love, chief.
Do you know Yu Jia,
she has that dream since she was a child,
a aspirant girl who want to defeat her demon.
Everyone is helping her
to back on playing judo.
But you,
you don’t.
You’re fighting against whole world, chief.
You don’t even want to
help your student at all.
Are you the chief of the school?
No, you don’t deserve to it.
I’m the chief.
And I’m thinking about them.
is it that
you treat them so good
so I should treat them good?
But they’re not good student.
Ms.Du. Ms.Du.
We’re promoted.
You’re thirsty, let me buy you some ice water.
Come back here, chief Hou.
Good boy.
Don’t stop me.
Teacher. Ms.Du.
Don’t stop me, go away.
You kids are so good,
that you didn’t tell me you came to join the competition.
Do you guys know a thing called rule?
Say it, who permits it?
But we won.
We can go to the finals.
That doesn’t count.
What is promotion?
It counts nothing at all.
I have to stand for the school.
Should I?
We have worked so hard to achieve what we have now.
Do you know that?
Yes, so hard.
Cut the craps.
Cheir Hou,
you don’t have to be that strict.
You don’t have the qualification to speak here.
Then do I have it?
Nice to meet you chief.
Who are you?
Are you chief Hou?
As the host of the competition,
I can fully understand
the decision that you made.
Do you hear it?
these decisions,
is purely your own decisions.
They have no value at all
to the host of the competition.
I think that,
as long as it doesn’t obey the rule of the game,
they are qualified to join the game,
even though the school
has changed the player temporary,
or that
the player is fined because of breaking the rule,
it has nothing to do with our competition.
In my opinion,
they violate the ban of the school to join the competition
which is totally qualified
to the host.
Therefore, I think that,
today’s winner is
You’re so smart.
We win. We win.
Chief, then next,
what should we take care of?
There are lots of details you have to notice.
For example? Let me take down of it.
Listen to me carefully.
Thank you chief. Say thanks.
Do you have any question?
Thank you chief.
Thank you. See you.
Cheer for you all.
Byebye. Fighting.
I will write a report for you.
I will go have a tea with the leader.
Thank you chief Hou. See you.
See you.
See you chief Hou.
Mind you steps.
We won. We’re promoted.
It’s worth celebration, is it?
Should we go to dine or movie?
Movie, movie, let’s celebrate it.
Wait. Wait a sec.
We have a deal that if we won today,
we’re going watch the movie.
OK, you guys go.
What’s this? Your present?
Yes, is it look good?
A lucky hair band.
Is it cute and beautiful? I’m so fit for it.
Good taste.
OK, we’re going to watch the movie. See you.
Be happy.
So what should we do now?
What can we do?
Can we go the KTV?
I’m a little bit hungry.
OK. We’re going to have a meal.
We’re leaving now.
What do you want to eat?
Let’s go to…
I want to eat barbecue.
Then go.
Let’s go.
Don’t look at me.
Do you think I want to date with you?
Don’t be smug.
Get me my bag.
I don’t want to care about you.
I don’t want to see you anymore.
What movie do you want to wacth today?
What do you want to watch?
Action movie or romantic movie?
Romantic one.
I want to ticket of Caiyunfei.
Would you like some popcorn?
The bigg size or the small size?
The bigger one.
Couples are much perfect for the big size.
It’s so sweet that the hands might touch.
I’m not that kind.
Please give me a small one.
The big one. We can have more popcorn.
OK. Then
I want a big one.
You’re annoyed. Why every time you want a big one?
I want a small one.
It’s fine. Let’s get a big one.
And you can choose the flavor.
I want to play that, too.
Why are you home so early?
Did you take Yu Jia for a dinner?
How was the movie?
Pretty good.
Pretty good?
What movie did you watch?
How could you take her to
watch Caiyunfei?
I think girls are all like
this kind of romantic movie.
Of course not.
She doesn’t like this kind of movie
since her childhood.
She loves action movie the best.
It’s better that the movie is really excited.
My god. Listen to me,
this won’t work.
If you love her,
you have to know her favor.
Cater to her pleasure, dude.
I’m so anxious that
you don’t know how to date a girl.
So tell me,
do you like me?
What did you say?
I said,
I like you.
Stop at where you’re now.
If it goes on,
this show can’t be played anymore.
I like you.
And when I with Yu Jia,
I feel really happy.
Much happier than when I was in the swimming team.
You scared me.
You mean this kind of like.
Just like what you said,
if you want others to feel good about you,
you don’t have to cater to others.
Why should I be a heartthrob?
Dude, that’s different.
You can ignore anyone else,
but this is Yu Jia,
she is your girlfriend.
You have made me so anxious.
Figure it out yourself.
I’m done. I’m so tired.
I’m going to shower.
I’m pissed off.
Be careful.
Come on.
Are you OK?
Come on.
Qiaoyu, don’t be lazy. Come on.
Two steps in and two steps out.
Stay backward.
Cheer for you, Qiaoyu.
Come on.
I hear that someone is challenging us today.
He really looks down on me.
So bold.
Who is he?
Who? Who?
Who is so over-confident?
I will show him how good I’m.
They’re coming.
They’re so aggressive.
Red and white belt.
You little children,
just see how I defeat you.
See how we beat you
so as you piss your pant.
You do dare to challenge us.
How brave you are.
Come together.
Come on.
Make you piss your pant.
So nervous.
Test. Test.
Good. Go, go.
Throw him away.
Don’t try to sneak attack.
So handsome. Gu Xia is so handsome.
I say Gu Xia, you say handsome.
Gu Xia.
Gu Xia.
I say Gu Xia, you say handsome.
Gu Xia.
Gu Xia.
You’re so handsome. Could you be our teacher?
OK. Stop.
Does it feel good.
Good. Good.
Go experience it yourself.
I have teached you so long but you can’t get it.
So handsome.
You’re not willing to, right?
Smells so good.
Keep practicing.
Do you still have something not to teach us?
Experience it yourself.
Go practice you all.
Look how proud he is.
So handsome.
Yuan Fei, come on.
Try it.
No. No. It hurts.
My arm just got hurt because of him.
Fighting. Fighting.
I’m so tired.
Coach is a monster these days.
He is so bored when he is serious.
Speaking of this, compared to before,
he is like joking.
I can’t walk anymore. Carry me back.
No. I can’t either.
I can’t go home. I can’t even get up.
Sit well, Qiaoyu.
You have laid all on me.
Sit up. I can’t lay on your.
It’s OK now.
I will let you fall if I stand up.
No, you have to carry me back.
I can’t go back now. I feel so pain.
Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?
Why don’t you ask him to carry you?
Where is he?
You’re so hard to communicate.
How’s that?
It really hurts.
What? What is that?
It’s so cool here.
I want to fly a kite as well.
That kite is so cool.
Let’s go fly a kite.
Where can we buy a kite?
Just rob one. Who cares.
Then you go to rob him.
If he don’t give it to you, just throw him up.
Why are you laughing so happily? Who send you a message?
My dad asked me what do I do recently.
Who? Show me?
Who send it to you?
My dad.
Your dad? Ying Ruocheng is your dad?
Xue Zhenzhen,
is Ying your dad?
Don’t think that last time I let you go,
then you’re fine.
Be honest.
Are you two falling in love now?
I’m dating that homebody, tasteless,
who always piss his pants.
So what?
Xue Zhenzhen, are you blind?
Be careful. Be careful.
but how do you two
really go together?
I thought you two argue a lot everyday.
Love is like that, just come without a notice.
You just fall in love.
Why would a woman like her say something like that?
Why love is love?
It’s pheromone that makes people together.
What is hormone?
The same as pheromone.
What is that?
It just that, people
will give out pheromone,
and exchange energy with each other.
Then you will be together.
So at this time, we have to do the
test of love,
to see that if you two are fit or not.
Do you want to test it? Do you?
Do you?
I don’t want to.
I want to do it. Come on.
Come on, let me check it.
The first one.
If you go to watch a movie with your boyfriend,
will he choose the one you like,
or the one he like?
What do you want?
Romantic one or excited one?
I want two tickets of Caiyunfei.
What I like.
If he picks the one he like,
I will beat him to death.
The second one, you give him a president,
will he open it at once,
or will he open it afterwards?
Of course at once.
If you open it afterwards,
it’s meaningless to give that present.
This is the love lunchbox I made for you.
By myself.
Love lunchbox.
Thank you.
But I’m not hungry now.
Next, anymore?
This one is brilliant.
When you kiss him forwardly,
does he lean on you
or not?
Just acting reserved.
Kiss just lips on lips,
why should be reserved?
I know that you like to be initiative. Come on.
Take a look.
So is he my Mr.Right?
Let me see.
He is your soulmate.
I know it.
What should I do? How much redpocket should I give you?
What do you think?
It’s not that quick.
Be happy.
Just you two happy there,
What about me?
There is only Yuan Fei left,
I can’t be together with him.
What should I do?
Please introduce some guy to me.
No, Qiaoyu,
you still got the coach.
I like him, coach,
but he is teach, it’s not that good.
You do consider of that.

And you do bring us here to play video game.
Don’t thinkd that I don’t know what you mean.
Say, are you mixing up our training
with training together?
So clever.
You are really well-intentioned.
But I always have a question for you.
Are you always so bored?
You’re so naive.
This kind of pattern,
is only you could think up of it.
Is that you who turn me in
about the Maiban Cup I held?
Just let the history become a history.
Put down your core.
Put down your core. Use some power.
You. Qiaoyu.
Put down your core.
You too. Put down your core.
I’m playing game.
Is that a blue one?
How to play this drum, coach?
Gu Xia will say that,
don’t rush, don’t panic.
Take your own pace.
Let the music follow you.
Don’t rush, don’t panic.
Take your own pace.
Let the music follow you.
Come on, try again.
Come on, try again.
Not creative.
I have done.
You have to act like me, relax your wrist.
And then aim at the basket.
I just goal.
It’s good. Fighting.
This can’t work.
You can’t do that.
Come on, let me teach you.
Come on, you’re the assistant.
Relax, this is different from swimming.
Hold tight.
Straight up.
Five word.
Sensitive. Gender. Mix. Light. Smooth.
First of all, give me your hand.
Come on, the sensitive of your finger.
The dexterity of your wrist.
Take the ball.
Let the ball mix with you.
Touch it slightly.
And then in and out, in and out.
It’s time and you will feel it,
shoot it.
That’s feel, do you get it?
Oh my god.
Teach her.
Do you want to teach me?
It doesn’t fit me at all.
So lonely.
I know something good for you.
My heart.
Coach, I’m not fit for you.
No, take it.
Take it.
Use your heart to feel it.
Look at it. Feel it.
What did you see?
No. Use your heart.
You heart. Use it.
What do you see?
It just a candle.
You don’t have one thing.
You don’t have
the fire in your heart.
Do you see that?
What do you see?
Do you feel it?
Don’t you teach me?
You have seen that.
Keep practicing.
I’m done.
I don’t know why,
it’s here too noisy or
that Gu is too good,
I feel so dizzy.
My hand is so tired.
And I’m out of coin.
My hand is freezed.
What is this bonus ball?
I don’t know.
You play here,
I go play there.
What are you doing?
Thief. Thief.
Catch the thief.
Catch the thief. Catch the thief.
Yunqing, be careful.
Catch the thief.
So good.
They’re looking at us.
You’re so brave.
Kaiying. Kaiying.
It’s no big deal.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
He is my student.
He is my student.
Gu Xia.
We can leave now.
It’s fine.
It won’t hurt anymore.
I told you it works.
It’s not hurt.
I can’t believe that they argue a lot
but they can still be together.
What’s wrong? You’re unhappy.
I feel that,
I’m far away from Yunqing now.
It’s fine. This is love.
No problem.
The love test you said
last time,
what answer is really the true one?
There is no true answer.
But if you are closer to him,
he will be further from you.
This is really a problem.
So what should I do?
What to do?
You should be more active.
I think I’m active enough.
I have kissed him forwardly.
Maybe you can give yourself to him this time.
I’m leaving first.
See you.
I’m thinking that why don’t you call me.
What happened?
I just want to say that,
I should send you to your door.
Do you have anything want to tell me?
It’s not early.
You should go home.

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