【ENG SUB】熱血高校  第二季 JUDO HIGH EP05(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP05(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

So you did do to learn swimming today.
Forget it.
I just put my foot
into the swimming pool today,
then I felt that my whole body
was almost swallowed
by the whole ocean.
I feel like that I won’t learn
how to swim my whole life.
Is that difficult?
You went to the swimming pool everyday before,
you should know it for you have watched so much.
You could learn something well by watching it,
why don’t you go get a world champion?
That is because I don’t have the chance.
What if, I teach you?
Eat slower, nobody will compete with you.
You’re burnt.
It’s fine.
Just throw away your clothes if it’s dirty.
What did he say?
You just throw it into the trash bin?
What’s wrong?
You can wash the clothes if your clothes is getting dirty.
Or is it my acknowledge has something wrong?
We have the same acknowledge.
Do you treat everyone of your cloth
in that way?
When my clothes were dirty before,
I just throw them away.
After my mom washed them,
they became clean.
I have seen the difference between
people with my own eyes.
My egg is done.
My egg.
How could my egg become like that?
What did you do?
Are you doing some chemical experience?
I just want to have a boiled egg.
You have to boil the egg if you want to have a boiled egg.
You’re making a bomb here.
Do you smell something?
Do you smell something bad?
Who didn’t turn off the gas?
Turn it off.
I did blow it off.
Listen to me,
you should be lucky that
it didn’t blow up.
Do you think it’s a candle?
Yuan Fei, I think that
why don’t you …
I get it.
I will move.
It’s not a good place to stay. Let’s go.
Listen to me.
You have already blowed my home.
If you have broken any of
Mijing’s thing in my room,
I will risk my life with you.
Wait. Forfet it.
I will clean up it myself.
You two go play
with your own sweet tricks.
See you later. See you.
I’m not helping you.
It’s my home.
Actually I want to help him.
But if he doesn’t need then,
never mind.
We still got some time here.
Can you go for a walk with me?
So that I may forget about
the stress of swimming.
I feel that I’m walking the dog.
I like the tail ring so much.
No response.
You don’t really know how to tell one’s mood.
Come on, eat it.
It looks delicious.
Does it taste good?
Enjoy it together.
Don’t just look at me.
You won’t get any later.
What’s wrong?
I will be like that if I have it too quick.
Let me help you.
This is called cold headache,
because when you eat the cold thing it touches your palate,
then your blood vessel of the brain
would shrink severely.
which cause headache.
By that time
you should do massage like that.
Do you feel better?
I feel much better.
But don’t say it any more.
Stop it.
Are they Zhenzhen and Ying Ruocheng?
What are you doing?
No, I’m not.
We’re not dating.
So what are you doing?
Yes, I’m here to
buy a gift for my cousin’s girlfriend.
I don’t know what to buy,
so I ask Zhenzhen to help me.
You go but the gift now.
Go now.
Yes, yes.
Buy the gift.
Buy the gift.
Yes. Help me take after this.
She got a headache.
Yunqing, can you go to
help me pick another gift.
I got another one
that I really want to buy.
You won’t tell me, right?
Nothing. Let’s go.
You’re having icecream while you have a headache.
You’re so happy though you have a headache.
You laugh like that though you have a headache.
Why did you tell him you have a headache
instead of telling me?
We just have a casual talk.
What secret do you have
that you haven’t tell me yet?
You do lie to me.
What did you do?
My head ache again.
Don’t pretend it.
Don’t talk to me.
Why there only you two alone?
Go, let’s go.
How long have you two been together?
What are you talking about?
I’m here to
buy a gift for my cousin’s girlfriend.
His girlfriend likes music.
Who said that you could only give the
present to those who learn music?
You’re out of fashion.
Let me ask you,
do you know
what is the most romantic gift?
Yuan Fei was right.
Such a handsome boy like you
only knows to receive gifts,
would not understand
the thought of us.
Listen to me,
I have learned a new theory recently.
What theory?
If you switch the longitude and latitude
of your home’s location,
you will get a new coordinate.
That place it the furthest place
from your home in the earth.
From there,
no matter which direction you go,
it’s your first step home.
What relationship does it have with buying an instrument?
Of course it have.
I have measured it,
the furthest place from Xue Zhen…
No, no, no, no.
Me and the one,
my cousin’s girlfriend,
the furthest distance
is in the pampa of the Africa.
this is the sound
from the Africa,
the most beautiful tweedle.
Everytime she hears the sound,
that’s the call from her home.
Do you see that?
It makes sense.
Ask you.
Did you ever buy something for Yu Jia?
Then look,
this lamp.
What’s this?
Would she be insecure at usual?
Give this to her,
then she would feel more secure.
But what’s the point to give this to her?
Of couse it have.
Light transfers three hundred thousands kilometers per second.
In another word,
when it light us,
it is some time later,
although we can’t feel it,
but the time is gone anyway.
So everytime it shines us,
it’s a hug that through the veil of time.
OK, take it.
Just take it.
I haven’t finished my icecream.
Tell Yu Jia all these thing.
You go in first.
Yu Jia,
this for you.
What’s this?
Back then when we’re having hotpot,
you didn’t tie up your hair,
I thought it’s not convenient for you.
So I bought this for you.
Do you like it?
Yes, I do.
It’s so beautiful.
Do I look good?
Then I’m going home now.
See you.
thanks for your hair band.
I like it very much.
I like you very much as well.
Me too.
I like you very much.
It’s late.
I should go home.
Let’s wash together.
Save energy.
Get out.
Why should I?
I have seen everything.
It seems that you don’t have that thing.
Get out.
I’m helping you to save the water fee.
You don’t need to.
I have paid you rent.
Don’t labber me.
Cao Yunqing.
Don’t run away.
Don’t run away.
I want to have a shower.
I’m not afraid of you.
Don’t mess up with me.
Are you wrong?
Are you wrong or not?
Do you surrender or not?
Do you?
I surrender.
Would you go shopping with me tomorrow?
Yes. Yes.
Say it, what have you done with Yu Jia today?
We just went for a walk.
And then?
And then?
We have met Zhenzhen and Ying Ruocheng.
Zhenzhen and Ying Ruocheng?
How did they go together?
Zhenzhen help him to pick a present.
Ying Ruocheng?
Forget it, he has a bad taste.
Don’t mislead others.
Tell you one secret,
last time,
he was giving a T-shirt to a girl as a present,
guess what was printed in that shirt?
I’m your dad.
I’m your dad.
So how should the girl wear that shirt?
I’m your dad.
I’m your dad, Cao Yunqing.
I’m your dad.
Answer me, call me dad.
Come on.
Go to hell.
I will kill you, do you believe it?
Call me dad.
I’m not messing up with you.
I’m tired, I’m going to shower.
I’m done enough
for Ying Ruocheng.
Zhenzhen really ask him to help her.
Oh my god.
No wonder he is single for twenty years.
Who calls me
when I’m in the toilet?
What’s wrong, my sis?
Love master.
Help me.
Yunqing have given me a present today,
do you think that
I should
return something to him?
That’s easy.
Do you know a saying that,
if you want to catch one man’s heart,
the first thing to do is?
It’s to catch his stomach.
Yes, it is.
So you can give him some food.
So what you mean is that
making him a meal?
You can make a lunchbox for him.
That’s careful.
Make it myself?
Make it myself,
so what can I do?
Listen to me,
no one can resist
the love lunchbox.
If he could say no at the first time,
then you can do it again,
until he can’t say no anymore.
Love lunchbox.
I get it.
Love lunchbox.
OK, I get it.
Thank you love master.
Cheer for you.
What should I do? There is no paper here.
My brain is full of my mom’s dishes.
Passion fruit.
Dragon fruit
Kiwi fruit egg.
No, I can’t make this
for Yunqing.
What should I do?
Our family really don’t have the gene
to cook.
I should just buy one.
No, that doesn’t show my sincere.
I have to make it my own.
What’s wrong?
You’re grown up,
that you want to make a love lunchbox.
I do want to,
I think that the love lunchbox
can express my love.
But I don’t know how to do.
We don’t have the gene to cook.
Look at what your wife made,
do you think your daughter would be better?
I couldn’t assure that.
What do you mean?
All my head is thinking about
the dishes that mom used to make.
If I really make those dishes,
Yunqing would be poisoned to death.
It’s not that severe.
it may be a black hearted lunchbox.
I don’t want that,
I want to make a love lunchbox.
what if I teach you?
You teach me?
Do you know?
Yes, I do.
You do know how to make a lunchbox?
Since you know it,
why would you eat the thing
that mom used to make?
I have reason to do that.
You do know how to cook?
Would you make something
the same as my mom?
No. No.
I won’t.
Believe me.
Try it later.
Raw latex pillow,
is it that soft?
Put it back.
Look at this,
Buy one get one free.
It’s fake, it muct be the original price.
You do believe something like that.
You don’t allow me to buy that dish towel,
it is so cheap.
Cheap thing is not good.
The ingredient in it,
must have some chemical material.
Like the dish towel,
we have to but the expensive one,
with good quality
and won’t harm the earth.
The point is, it won’t harm your skin.
Look at my hand.
Does it look tender?
It does
Smell it.
It smells good.
Bullshit, I didn’t put anything on.
This bed is so comfortable, Yunqing.
Come and try it.
I don’t want to get up once I lie on here.
Why are you on my bed?
Because your bed is soft.
You’re soft.
That’s enough. Come on.
Am I right?
So comfortable.
What if you buy one bed.
I have no money. You pay for it.
You buy it.
No matter how, I have to buy a bed,
and put it in my future home.
Then life would be comfortable
as two people living together.
This is life.
I almost fall asleep.
What are you doing?
What do you want to do?
You don’t afraid of tickle?
Stop it.
Don’t move.
What if I move?
What happen if I go near?
What happen if I go near?
Stop it.
Get off.
Jiajia. Jiajia.
Jiajia, get up.
Get up.
Come on.
That long?
Come on.
Sit here.
You made all this?
Try it.
It’s so delicious.
I thought that,
I thought that,
I thought that my whole life
could not enjoy foods like that in our home.
Now you have them.
Why didn’t you do that
if you know how to make it.
I have my own reason.
Back then when I was in love with your mom,
it didn’t work
no matter what I gave her.
And then,
I found that she likes to cook.
Then I let her make all the meal.
I would lie to her that it’s delicious,
so she would be happy.
Therefore I haven’t
make any meal. I’m sorry.
My mom is so happy.
Dad, you’re a great man.
Have more.
it is no use that you make such a good meal.
It’s not me.
I don’t know anything at all.
How could I become like you?
Do you think you could cook
before you learn to cook?
How could I know?
Of course I don’t know how to cook.
My mom doesn’t know.
But if everything you do,
you think that you would fail before you do that.
Then you are
meant to fail.
Do you know that?
Look at your mom,
she have that
strange bravery by nature.
Therefore she would make some strange food
She is so brave to try.
you have to believe in yourself.
Get it?
And then,
about your coach
ask you to learn swimming,
makes me feel that same as well.
Then I get it.
I have to try.
I have to be brave.
Believe in yourself, daughter.
How do you know I have to learn swimming?
The news said it.
The newspaper said that I’m going to learn swimming?
No, no. Not like that.
Just that…
You and mom have watched my phone, right?
No, not like that.
You will talk in your dream.
I will?
How could I?
You do talk a lot.
I would talk in my dream?
Almost everyday.
And it’s loud normally.
I always wake up by you.
What did I say?
Eat something and I will tell you later.
I’m dying.
I’m dead.
Help, I’m dying.
Are you a psycho?
Coach, I’m dying.
Come and save me.
Coach, come on. I’m dying.
I can’t live anymore.
I’m dying, coach.
Go peaceful.
See you.
I will die.
I will bored to dead.
Coach, you’re back.
I know how to swim,
Just let me go.
Coach, let me train.
So soft.
So gentle.
Be focus.
Beat me. Scold at me.
Scold at me.
Stretching while singing.
More effective.
What are you doing?
I’m handstanding.
You can’t see that?
Pee, that you won’t pee.
You won’t.
I’m practicing handstanding.
Qiaoyu, you move so light.
You do have learn dancing.
In that way you,
you will compete in a light way.
Coach, you’re so awesome.
You have found everyone’s problem,
and tackle it one by one.
I feel that everyone is becoming stronger.
And you won’t forget to practice yourself.
You demon is…
I know it.
You must want to understand judo
by facing that wall.
Too high.
It just too hot.
And I want to get some cold air.
You are in my way.
It’s true.
You have to be calm that you could understand judo.
So cool.
You’re so impolite.
Go to practice. Don’t be lazy.
So cool.
I have to feel cool that I could practice.
-Go. -Then I can be calm.
You smell so stink.
Don’t beat me.
Go wash your clothes when you are home.
I haven’t washed it for a month.
You haven’t washed it for a month?
My underwear hasn’t washed for a month, too.
Do you want to smell it?
Underwear? For a month?
You have to wash them together for a while,
so as to save energy.
You could save many.
I have concluded a principle.
What principle?
Don’t wear it.
So now you are
free and breathable?
Vacuum package, bold and unrestrained.
Do you want to have a try?
Come on.
What are you doing?
His knee is hurt, he feels pain.
Are you OK?
I’m fine.
It’s OK.
I have made you a love lunchbox.
By myself.
Love lunchbox.
But I’m not hungry now.
But I’m starve.
If you dare to eat,
I will beat you to the death.
Don’t move. If you move I will break this.
You are not allowed to eat it.
You dare to give your favourite sausage
favourite sausage to him.
I like it. Don’t mind me.
Why don’t you be so nice to me?
Don’t move.
Aunt Yuting, is your home out of power.
No power.
No power. We can have the candlelight dinner.
Be careful.
Be careful.
So, Yu Jia, you like sausage?
OK. return to you.
Protect her sausage rice.
Wait for me.
I’m telling you,
next time you take my thing arbitrarily,
I will beat you to the death.
Don’t come down stair.
Don’t rob my lunchbox.
Do you know it?
The light transfers three hundred thousands kilometers per second,
which means,
when the light shine on us,
it has been a while.
Even though we don’t feel that time,
but it has gone away.
when the light shines on us,
it’s a hug that through the veil of time.
This is for you.
If your home is out of power next time,
this represents me,
accompanys you and shines you.
It’s so romantic. Can you say it again?
I didn’t hear it clearly.
The light transfers three hundred thousands kilometers per second,
which means,
when the light shine on us…
Aunt Yuting,
do you have a flashlight
like the speed of light?
My home is out of power.
It’s so dark
that I can’t see anything.
Is a hug that through the veil of time.
One more time. One more time.
I’m ready.
One, two, three, go.
Come on. Fighting.
Work hard.
Come on. Get up.
Why are you so weak? Come on.
Lie down here, show you.
Look, watch it, Qiaoyu.
Keep stay, you have to work hard.
Like here, you have to clamp it.
Pull it.
Pull it.
Come on.
Be prepare to attack.
Hand, here.
When you go again,
your eyes have to look at here.
Fight back.
You have to use some power when you do it.
Hold on.
Come on, try my stomach.
Does it feel hard?
You’re so tough.
OK. I know it.
Hold on. Fighting.
Are you two mating?
Come on.
Let me show you
how to do that.
Come on.
How to do that?
How to do?
Sit down a little lower. Don’t hurt yourself.
Come, attack me.
Come on.
Too quick.
Which trick is that, coach?
This is the osaikomi-waza.
Remember your thumb have to straight up.
I will put forth my strength counting to three. Be careful.
One, two, three.
Stop. It hurts.
It’s fine. It’s OK, coach.
Come on.
Right. Mind your hand.
This hand straight up and push down.
It’s not hurt. He’s wrong, coach.
He cares about you.
OK. Come on. Mind here.
Class over.
Be careful.
Let’s go have lunch.
I’m so hungry.
Wait. Wait.
You have forgotten the rite. Come on.
Thank you coach.
Although I don’t want to praise you.
But this time, you do really
make a great progress.
You guys,
really know how to turn your drawback
into an advantage of attack.
This is really important.
So give yourself an encouragement of love.
This is it.
Thank you coach.
Did I say class over?
Did I?
I think the class is overed.
That’s it?
I mean just keep practicing.
Isn’t our class over?
Or do you want to
enjoy the sun with me,
to sweep the school?
OK. Keep on practice.
I want to practice.
If we don’t go to lunch now, we have to line up.
Come on. Fighting.
Fighting. Fighting.
Come on.
Come on.
Hang on.
Come on.Fighting.
Fighting. We’re the best.
What is it?
This is Li Kesa Gatame.
Li Kesa Gatame.
This is wrong.
No, I don’t.
What are you doing?
Coach, they’re being lazy.
Be serious.
What are you doing?
Crawlings together.
One, two, three. Fighting.
Tomorrow is the last game
of the group stage.
Chief Hou didn’t
allowed us to compete yet.
What should we do?
I’m working about it.
Don’t panic.
Isn’t this the president Yuan
and his fellows.
Are you guys taking a walk here?
Yes, the air is so good.
So we are here to take a walk.
It’s good for vitamin C supplement.
Did you have your meal?
You must be too full. Just stay at where you want.
You don’t have to argue with me.
The real strong one is proved by strength.
The swimming team is still the only hero of the Kaiying.
Judo club?
What is that?
What are you talking about?
Don’t be so complacent.
You swimming team is all depends on Yunqing.
I’m telling you.
Cao Yunqing choose to join you,
is to abandon himself to vice.
The swimming without him,
the grade is better.
Tell him,
now the swimming is all depend on who?
We depend on Da Ming.
Louder. Louder.
Look, he is not sincere at all.
Do you hear me?
Without Cao Yunqing,
the sun rise still.
Swimming team is sill the fans’ favorite.
We’re speaking nonsense
with you guys
that can’t take part in the competition.
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
Come on.
Just go. See you next time.
See you.
Who are they?
I will beat them sooner or later.
Everytime I meet them,
I’m really angry.
But don’t you think what they said
makes sense?
You should eat less biscuit.
The coach have asked you to control your weight.
I want to eat something once I’m angry.
Give it to me.
This is not the usual biscuit.
This is the meal biscuits.
This is biscuit.
You will be fat by eating it.
This is why
you can’t lose your weight.
You don’t understand.
This is different from other biscuit.
This is meal biscuits
with low fat, you won’t be fat by eating this.
And it is nutritious.
And it have the
vitamin C,D and E.
You don’t understand.
I get it.
Although the rose without a name,
but it still smell good.
Tomorrow we are going to the competition.
What do you mean?
You don’t need to know too much.
though the school have forbidden us,
but the committee
doesn’t forbid us
from taking part in the competition.
Therefore tomorrow,
we don’t use the school’s name.
We’re going to the competition.
You know it? Act first and report afterwards.
Do you get it?
Anyway we’re doing it tomorrow.
Let’s go to have the meal.
Anyway we’re going to
the competition tomorrow.
Have lunch.
Where is Lao Bao?
Control your weight.
Let’s go fried the rice ourselves.
He’s not here.
Let’s go.
Come on.

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