Секреты бицепса от Алижана Муратова

Секреты бицепса от Алижана Муратова

Hi. Today we are gonna do exercises for biceps
Most of you guys are commenting that the last video was in Kazakh and you don’t understand so we decided to make this one in Russian
because our main audience is CIS and European countries who mostly speak Russian, and we will add English subs for our foreign friends
For my compatriots I’m gonna say: don’t be offended guys, We just wanted to share this video to people all over the world, I hope you guys understand.
So today we are doing exercises for biceps and we are gonna start with barber curl. I am gonna warm up and start with light weight.

so I changed the weights from 5 to 10

when we do a barber curl we do not open angles completely

more 5s
keep the statics at the end for about 4-5 seconds

rest up a bit and do it again with 20s

add 5s

it’s still warming up, we will add 5s every time till we reach work weights. We will do five sets with these weights. It’s sixty kg already

70kg. gonna rest up a bit and then work with this weight

70kg went well, I think we can add 10 more

it’s going well, gonna work with this weight. 4 more sets

second set. I do this biceps exercise once a week.
Off-season I train 3 times a week, last time was wrist day,
next one goes biceps and then block exercises.

Next time we try to make a video, I guess everyone is waiting and wanna know how I work out

when competitions are approaching I work out about five times a week, add general physical exercises.
For example, first day I do exercises on wrist,
the next day I do general ones like exercises on back, legs or shoulders, then goes biceps.

In other words, my work out schedule stays the same, I just also add general exercises like push-ups and triceps between them.
two weeks before start of competitions, I stop working with heavy weights,
before 10 days I pay more attention to work on the table and wrestling, and there are 5 days left I stop working out and just relax, think about the competitions.
I have three sets left

next exercise is for biceps.
This exercise is to strengthen lateral ligaments.
If the last one was about open biceps, here we are gonna work on strengthening of angles
we also start with warming up, I got 20kg.

Here you should pull it to right shoulder
And statics at the end
also 5 sets. This exercise is very helpful in wrestling, helps strengthening the angles.
I really like this one and always do it after barber curl.
These side exercises are very good, I will show you in the next video, today we are working only with biceps
We are putting hands like this because we can load more our angles in this position rather than standing.
30kg is okay or I think we can get 35kg to load it more.
35kg, first set
It’s important not to open angles when you put it down.
Like when you lift up and put it down you need to close the angles
So we just did the first set, five more left.
You need to choose that weight, where you can do four-five sets, your maximum weight.
next exercise is statics which we are gonna do with straps,
let me show you how to do it with 35kg
you can hold it 5-7 seconds
No, 35kg is not the weight I am gonna work with.
Generally, you need to do statics with your maximum weight where you can hold it for 5-7 seconds. It helps with your defense
When we worked with dynamics we did 35kg.
Looks pretty the same but you keep it static. Now we are trying 42kg
I like working out alone, I’m more concentrated,
or with Erkin.
When someone’s around me I can’t train cause my thoughts go astray, I can’t concentrate.
. Even when people call me to train in their gyms I can’t because it’s totally different atmosphere.
So when someone’s asking I call them when I’m free and I relax to be more concentrated.
When I’m getting ready for a big competition it’s better if you don’t distract me cause I need to prepare well, I don’t have much time and I have to show the best result.
We work on quality. It’s not like you came to gym, lift up something and went home.
If you came to gym you have to work.
If you can’t go home, relax and come back tomorrow and achieve your goals.
For example, I come to gym with goal that I have to lift up this weight.
If I couldn’t I need to at least hold this weight in statics.
Next time I have to reach my goal, achieve this weight, because only this way I can show good results on competitions.
The path to victory lies through trainings, work, healthy food and right approach to it.
Some say that I train well, lift heavy weights but still fail on the competitions
There are two processes: training and competition.
. You can’t win doing only one process.
There are people who only go to competitions and win those who train in gym cause they have more competition process like more experience, more technique.
When people ask me “Alizhan, why you go to these competitions, you gonna win anyway“,
I say that I need this process, to get experience and wean from competitions,
from wrestling because here in gym we don’t have people to wrest.
That’s why I try to go to competitions
Let’s do next set
Can’t do it very well because of the camera, don’t think that I have secrets, I just love training alone.
So we did statics, three sets. I recommend only three sets because of big load, just not to harm on ligaments. In the next videos we will also show you other exercises on biceps.
The last exercise is a pull up in the bar. Usually I do it with weight, but today I don’t really want to, so it’s optional. Now I just stretch out, work biceps
Also five sets with some weight on so you can do five sets, depends on you.
For example, I did 50-60 kg. Sometimes I ask someone to stretch me out from the back like this.
I keep this position and they pull me down.
Thanks, that’s it, our training is over. Subscribe, like this video and write comments. Next video we will make based on your comments. Next training is about blocks and angles, which we are gonna film next week. Thanks, bye

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